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And today on the retest of side-wards support, there was yet another green candle showing continued enthusiasm to stay above the side-wards support line. Peter Goodburn will be presenting his latest Elliott Wave analysis at the 12th Trader Expo held online for 7 weeks starting on 12th November and ending in the new year on 6th January Ironically, the US10yr yield has just completed a… Read full summary in our latest report!

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I called the BTC bottom perfectly which is great news. Now we can start monetizing on the large volume Altcoins! First on the list, Ethereum! In my usual fashion, I have perfectly called the timing here! If price continues to have momentum above the side-wards resistance level and use it as a support level, then this is an obvious time to get into the trade, not only this but you'd have a great RR ratio, and a clear and defined stop loss level too. I highly recommend waiting for this level, unless Please hit the 'LIKE' button to receive my daily analysis updates: Price is holding nicely at the support zone for now.

Is this a sign that price could bounce from here and go higher? The candles on the bounce are not incredibly strong, but definitely something we have to take a heed of when considering our trade options here. If we can get a It's good to be back.

I have been away due to my fund management commitments, and the realigning of my equities portfolio as the year end approaches which is a very strenuous task. With commodities improving, equities recovering from their plunge, and Dollar looking better, the outlook for the stock market is good and thus, I can commit some time here once again! BTC broke our side-wards analysis very well, and has since had a small pop to the upside, touching on the moving averages.

Now price has touched the moving averages, I am expecting some small expected corrective downside which could lead us back to the side-wards support line before a break up BTC broke the side-wards resistance very nicely, and since has had a small pop to the upside.

What's happening now is that people are sitting around and waiting for a pump before jumping in. A more logical tactic could be to buy at the lows before the pop, and then reap the profits whilst the There is 2 potential levels where price could bounce and be a good buy for a bounce to the upside.

Looking at structure, there appears to be 2 levels which have been important historically, which I am eyeing for a buy. Both levels are side-wards support levels. One is side-wards support of the up move as of Bitcoin has finally broken the side-wards resistance line, and where to better to do so than straight after bouncing off side-wards support?

A perfect example of a classic breakout in prime buy area. I stand by this analysis which I went into great detail with in my previous analysis See related ideas below the idea for more information and now we're looking BTC has long been under the mercy of a triangle pattern, that has manage to contain price nicely ever since May After all this time, it's now time for it to make a decision.

Price action is right at the end of the pattern, and has reached its maximum time within the triangle and now it must break out one way or the other! Price within this structure has XRP has been making some successive higher lows as of late, giving a nice steady up move, which price has also conformed to the side-wards support line illustrated on the chart.

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