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Calf studiogear is an extensive and high quality plugin pack for professional audio production under Linux. It provides a lot of synthesizers, effects and signal processing for the use with LV2 audio production suites (like Ardour) or as stand-alone through JACK.

The only problem I have is with the tray icon rendering and display work fine. I also changed the night picture, because the one of BM NG has more lights than the one you are using and is a little bit lighter. I tried values ranging from 3 to , no change.

Work with confidence.

About This Game Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, welcome you to the world of Fallout 4 – their most ambitious game ever, and the next generation of open-world $

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It has about it the glib, tinny ring of a college lampoon in which the sophomore writer's cleverness is deployed in service of nothing grander than impressing the writer's freshman friends. Bereft of an ideological or artistic center, the show is precocious but empty. Retrieved May 2, In a quote that was labeled a joke in the article, but which had none of the female members of the show's staff laughing, Mr. Winstead and other women on the show a derogatory name and then suggested that she liked him and would perform a sex act on him if he wanted her to.

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Retrieved May 28, Retrieved 25 February Satirical TV show seen as first-of-its-kind approach to Armenian presidential campaign".

Retrieved 23 March Retrieved 15 October The Daily Show at Wikipedia's sister projects. The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium. Comedy Central original programming. Inside the Comedy Mind Afterdrive Clash! Current late night talk and news satire comedy shows in the United States.

The Greg Gutfeld Show. State of the Culture. Conan Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. Awards for The Daily Show. Sold Out Night of Stars Motown Made in America Anthony Bourdain: Retrieved from " https: The Daily Show American television series debuts s American late-night television series s American late-night television series s American late-night television series s American political television series s American political television series s American political television series s American satirical television series s American satirical television series s American satirical television series American television news programs English-language television programs Comedy Central late-night programming Comedy Central shows Criticism of journalism Jon Stewart American news parodies Peabody Award-winning television programs Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Series winners Television shows filmed in New York state Political satirical television series.

Julian—Gregorian uncertainty CS1 maint: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. This page was last edited on 8 January , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Comedy, news satire , talk show. See List of The Daily Show writers. Paul Pennolino —present Other directors: See Lists of The Daily Show correspondents. Ark Angel —present Other studios: Some of the themes use overlay images so resizing could look very odd with these themes.

This fader sets the size of the corona drawn below the planet. The lower values look more realistic while higher values could make some neat effects together with a high blur value. Setting the fader to 0 disables drawing of the corona and can save some CPU load. The blurriness of the corona.

Smaller values look way more realistic while a higher setting may produce a neat glow effect. Lower values look more realistic about 10 , themes with a small earth benefit from slightly higher values about 20 or Here you can tell xplanetFX to render the original star field on the background image, hidden by an overlay if the style uses one. The fader sets the field of view of the map.

Medium values look more realistic. Setting the fader to 0 disables drawing of the star field. The positions are taken from the bright stars catalogue. This tab provides all settings related to the appearance of the earth. This section selects a target on the surface you will look at. The earth will stay static while the sun rotates around it. This is made more clear with the colour of the target crosshair.

The little earth in the lower left corner of the world map shows exactly what view you will get with your actual settings. If there is a random button enabled the corresponding direction is randomized, too.. You can set latitude or longitude to random. If latitude is set to random, the target hits near the equator more often than far up in the north or down in the south. This is made more clear with the color, too. In the bottom right corner you can see the position of your mouse pointer.

You have to save the settings before they will take effect. Instead of viewing a static earth with a rotating sun alternating day and night you can enable this option with the button to the right.

The longitude set in the target section is shown at high noon you should place it to where the UTC offset of your computers clock is located, normally at your home location , the latitude defines the vertical angle of the viewers position.

Activating the orbit automatically disables an eventually activated random setting on the longitude. You can set a fixed date with this setting enabled on the right. This means earth and sun will remain static. The clouds are the actual ones in every case. This tab contains the settings of xplanetFX. They are described in short words there. The settings must be explicitely saved with the corresponding button on the bottom before they will take effect.

This setting is essential in saving render time. The button on the right sets the size depending on your display resolution. Saving the settings with a differing screen size takes a moment since there are some images computed in the background. This should be your first setting on a fresh install of xplanetFX.

If you are running one of the supported desktop environments or desktop changers it should be displayed on the button. This is only needed for unknown desktop environments in conjunction with the next setting:. Another benefit of this setting could be an update of backgrounds on other machines after xplanetFX has created a new one. This fader sets the time between each rendering.

On a multicore system 20 minutes should be a good compromise, on slow machines an hour or more should be okay. If xplanetFX is in your autostart or started with the option —autostart it waits for this delay until the first render cycle starts.

It is used to let your desktop settle down before the first heavy load on your CPU. It will be used immediately and will remain for future use. A left click on the icon disables or enables the xplanetFX daemon and a right click opens a menu with two entries: The Button on the lower right chooses the resolution of the images i.

If you want to have monthly updating images from the NASA on your planet, use this service. Afterwards you can enable or disable this feature. On the last tab there are some neat functions apart from the log display. The log displays some useful information about the xplanetFX daemon. You can see how much time every step takes. Some lines from your log can be useful, too. The last line of every block shows how long xplanetFX will go to take a nap until it will heat up your CPU again. This function can remove a distorted clouds image.

It may become neccessary if a download was corrupted. A new image will be fetched with the next rendering cycle of xplanetFX. To see the changes immediately please restart xplanetFX by hitting the run button at the bottom of the window.

Make your settings and save them. Click on this button and choose a target file to render a single image to. This one opens a little window which will check all themes in the online theme pool.

It will show if there is some new stuff, themes you have installed that got updated and themes with a corrupt time stamp. This will download and install all selected themes automatically. Use the delay setting on the settings tab to choose how long xplanetFX should wait after a reboot until it will render the first image.

If you wonder how the teaser in the top right corner of this article was made you should try this script. It is an easy tool to render single shots over a range of time with a defined delay. They also provide monthly changing pictures according to the seasons.

To implement them easily in your xplanetFX you can use this script. KaMii stumbled over a problem and provided a fix for it in Slackware:.

To check to see if it works run this: The output should say: If not, go back and look through the steps above you may have missed something. Some distributions with a restrictive debian package check will throw this warning. You can just click it away because the fourth member in the package is a signature and is needed to get trustworthy packages from my repository.

Once removed, problem solved:. KDE has stripped the dcop service and replaced it with dbus. Sebastian added a cool trick to get around this issue — thanx dude! Chris pointed out another solution in the comments german. As you can see on the layer model of xplanetFX earth and moon are rendered on the same layer which makes it impossible to let the corona or the clouds get in between them.

This becomes a visible problem when the moon is slipping behind the earth as the screenshot on the right shows. To work around this issue the overall render time would increase way to much which bis not an option for this rare issue. This program was originally inspired by xplanetconfig , a german project, and some ideas around the net about xplanet.

The project xplanetconfig has some more features in settings compared to the limitations of xplanetFX, try it if you prefer other constellations rather than the earth in HQ with themeing and GUI. Once again — licensing is completely overrated — my wiener is long enough to give a shit for. This article was published Sonntag,, You may want to subscribe to the comments via RSS 2. Post a comment , or create a trackback on your page.

I had to make a few modifications to run on OS X but it works there too. This would be a nice feature. You have to be a little careful assigning random latitudes — use asin rand where rand goes from -1 to 1. Otherwise you will get lots of images near the poles! So I installed everything using MacPorts. Perhaps the best course of action is to create a portfile, and then the system will know what else needs to be installed along with xplanetfx.

Respekt vor deiner Arbeit!! Traceback most recent call last: Nach den leichten Startschwierigkeiten möchte ich diesem Projekt aber trotzdem herzlich danken. I Never have heard of feh before.

I modified your workaround a little bit and implemented it. And I added a feature to let xplanetFX render into a configurable file and to call a script after the render cycle has finished. This way everyone should have an option to update his wallpaper. So würde sich also quasi die Erde drehen…. Ich muss sagen, dass es mal wieder etwas ist, was mich so richtig vom Hocker gehauen hat. Wie kann man das skripten, dass z. Ist das Verzeichnis nicht gegeben, wird das aktuelle Arbeitsverzeichnis genommen.

Man kann kein Intervall ohne Verzeichnis angeben man kann keine Dauer ohne Intervall und Verzeichnis angeben. Alles andere hat Ausgaben im Terminal. Aber ich habe noch ein anders Problem, die Night Map ist unscharf bzw doppelt und die Atmosphaere hat rechts eine sehr harte Kante, kann man da was machen?

Kann es sein, dass genau diese Änderung das Problem verursacht? Kein Plan, wie da eine Nightmap mit rein rutschen kann, aber es scheint, als wäre eine Nightmap mit in Deinem Wolkenbild, was dann nicht ganz passend auf Deine Erde gelegt wird. Dann wäre der Bug, dass das Wolkenlayer die Nightmap beinhaltet. Aber das unzentrierte Wolkenlayer ist auf jeden Fall insgesamt für die Probleme verantwortlich. Ich werde mir mal ein backport einer neueren Version von convert besorgen oder es selber kompilieren und dann noch mal versuchen.

So, ging schneller als gedacht, mit Version 6. Aufgefallen ist mir noch, das ich diesen Effekt fehler nur bekomme, wenn ich den HQ-Wolken effekt aktiviere. Und machst Du mit der neusten Version rum? Ich gehe auch nach wie vor davon aus, dass warum auch immer in dem Wolkenrendering die Nightmap mitgerendert wird. Die clouds-Config darf keine Texturen mitrendern, tut sie im Original auch nicht. Hallo Markus, kannst du mir einmal eine Email schreiben, ich denke es ist einfacher diese Problem ueber Mail zu loesen.

Ist aber nicht soo wichtig, ich guck mal, ob ich da fündig werde…. Wüsste nicht, dass es irgendwo einen Server gibt, der alle Wolkenbilder als Archiv vorhält. Wow, ich habe schon länger mit Xplanet gespielt, aber das übertrifft ja nun alles.

So fette Bilder und so plastisch. So when the script tries to check this variable, it crashes with the message:. So you can remove the line.

Thanks a lot for what are you doing! Ich kann das leider immer nur partiell testen, bin daher über Bugreports bzgl. Wenn das im Daemon spackt, frage ich mich — klappt denn das in dem GUI stressfrei? I was after a direct link to the 1. I love your program. Have you ever considered developing a port for Windows users?

I would be more than happy to do this. I think it would be great to expand access to your program to a wider userbase, plus it would let me run your program at work also instead of just at home! I fixed the files history, should work now. And thank you very much for the bug report including the fix! But feel free trying to port it to other platforms.

Johannes has had the idea to have a script generating a 24 hour range of images through xplanetFX to set up a wallpaper changer under Windows. You can get it here:. Download and make it executable. Open xplanetFX and stop the daemon. Configure your settings like screen resolution aso and save the settings.

Every thing else responds in the terminal. Thanks for the quick fix. Returning a default option of false allowed the GUI to start fine. Toggling the auto start button and saving had no effect i. I mentioned your version in the download section. And thanks for the bug report. I installed fluxbox on my machine to give it a try.

Now xplanetFX is able a to work with the fluxbox autostart system and b to change backgrounds in fluxbox with its native tools feh or fbsetbg. So your desktop environment should be supported OOTB now. Vor allem für den Bugreport.. I have a small issue with this wallpaper. Something tells me this is not how this is supposed to work. As with an earlier issue I had, a Refresh fixes it until the next time it updates itself, then the sunspot and the cloud terminator stay in the same place again while the earth terminator moves.

I learned about and downloaded this program from the post at OMGUbuntu. Also, would it be possible to add an option to show the moon at all times with the current moon phase? Du hast dem Programm neuen Glanz verliehen! Vielen Dank für xplanetFX! Bislang sind Dinge, wie Satelliten, Waldbrände, Stürme etc.

Perhaps that is an issue for xplanet instead of xplanetFX. It shows night halfway across the US, but the sea and clouds are still lit out further east. Background — Arch Linux now uses python3 as its standard python version. The GUI dependency is set as optional which requires python2.

The main package also requires python, version does not matter, but must be specified by the dependency requirements for xplanetFX for the package manager. This leaves 2 options 1 Keep python3 as requirement. If the user needs to use the GUI they need to have both versions of python installed maybe unnecessarily. If the user does not need the GUI they may end up with both versions of python installed unnecessarily. This would make python an optional dependency only for the users requiring the GUI.

Below is the equivalent replacement in perl: But I think xplanet is able to do that. Thanks for the screenshot and the config. I think I got it fixed in 2. It took some time to figure out that you have configured xplanetFX to follow the sun and that the problem only affects this constellation. Thank you very much for the patch, just implemented it and released as 2. That has worked a treat. Now python2 is only an optional dependency for those who wish to use the GUI.

The Orbit setting under the Settings tab is Inactive. Wow that was mental exercise.. Clouds are re-rendered every cycle now.

That increases overall rendertime of some cycles but fixes the bug. Seems I have to think about other steps to reduce the render time.. I have another question. I have ImageMagick 7: Magick found, verification of download not possible. The warning is related to a missing perl module. Use your favorite package manager to search for and install something like perlmagick and the warning should be gone.

Hi Markus, I just make an language file for spanish people. Most of the templates are centered. Wie es scheint, kommt beinahe täglich eine neue Version heraus, die man immer wieder manuell updaten muss — das. Thank you very much! I have just one thing to say though: Just wanted to point it out in case it was forgotten. Nein, ein Repository habe ich dafür bislang nicht, da das ein recht umfangreiches Thema zu sein scheint und ich auch ein mieser Maintainer bin.

Eventuell findet sich ja jemand, der sich des Problems annimmt. Ansonsten bleibt leider bislang nur der Download. And thanks for the bug report, will be fixed along with the next update. Please send the language pack to lsmf ät gmx. Have received it and will implement it after I took a shower , Thank you very much, greetings, Markus. Hi, thank you very much for this great application. I was very impressed and I wanted to do an article on my blog and translate the gui in Italian. The contributions to this project are amazing.

Sorry, but the link you posted got stripped somehow — please send the file to the address you just received via my comment your blog. I really appreciate your help and sorry for the circumstances. To install packages, use yum install xplanet ImageMagick-perl ImageMagick.

Only a suggestion feature request. You have to wait until summer to see iceland with this setting ,. I am unable to change the background image behind the earth. I put a copy of my image in both the. However, it still renders with the original image. I made language file for Japanese: Hello XplanetFX is really a great job!

I am very impressed by the quality of the wallpaer obtained. I have 2 little remarks: Here is my own cron job for getting them: Clouds are quite invisible against the city lights. I joked around with a friend two days ago about what funny eastereggs may be hidden in a chinese or japanese language file. And thanks for your warm words! I tested the CORAL network and have to say that only every 3rd request gets handled completely over here, the rest produces lots of broken clouds images.

Please have a look at this page for the different ways of obtaining clouds images:. What do you exactly mean with outdated? So what you see this is the compromise between CPU-Load and visual attraction. Here are some results: Here are the results….. So my opinion is that the list given in the Xplanet page http: That Coral responds better in your region than over here is visible on their page, you have a couple of big nodes not so far away.

But have a look on the last update — 6 years ago. So it seems that the whole clouds-thing is kind of obsolete. As you can see hari points out the problems with Coral there he lives in india and we talked a bit since his posting.

There is a need for distributing clouds images for everyone, not only for the european and us-american world and personally I prefer seeing the whole population with slightly outdated clouds than parts of the first world with most accurate stuff and the majority of humans with a static image.

Error when attempting to use the Coral Content Distribution Network http: The hostname specified in the Coralized URL is currently over its hourly quota. Please try back later. That was a the main reason for my investigations on the date of the downloaded clouds, and for testing XplanetFx against Coral. Just a point of detail: I use the -N option in wget in order to prevent the download of an older map, and I use the rdjpgcom command to check the real date of creation of the map against the file ctime, which can depend of the host OS.

I can download them, but not find them, nor install them. I have installed xplanetfx on my laptop running Mint9 Gnome and according to the gui and cli it is running. However I only get a blank screen. Woould this possibly be due to the fact that compiz is running? If you are interested just drop me an email with instructions how to translate,.

The background changed after about 30 mins or so and is working perfectly now. Hello everybody, I have just a little remark about the cities coordinates: Thank you very much for this offer!

If you take the english file it should be mostly self-explaining. Thank you a bunch translating the application to Czech! If it is there please have a look in the templates subfolder if there are any templates inside. Please check if your xplanetFX. You can even monitor the single values inside over saving some settings. The bug about the missing URL is fixed in 2.

Hello Markus, I just got the 2. Thank you for the URL. I did not know this one. I guess adding the backdrop would be simple, if the new image output image of the stars over-writes the last? Straight to your question: After that it creates. Both images are the final size chosen in the settings tab. I found another small issue. Every so often, as the moon is passing behind the earth, it renders on top of the corona. It would happen rarely enough that most people might not notice it, yet given the way the rendering process seems to work, I have no idea if or how it might be fixed.

Problem is that moon and earth get rendered at the same time on the same layer while the corona is on its own layer beneath them. A fix would be to render moon and earth on a different layer, render the moon alone as black on white and use this layer to mask the corona before composing it all together. This would raise the overall render time too much. If you stumble over anything related please let us all know. So here it is: Hope this is what you was searching for.

I translate the GUI v2. Thank you a bunch for your contribution! I assume this is an error as xplanetFX is run as a user. The catalog file is the base for the starmap file which is generated by catalog. Anyway, thank you very much for the hint — it was meant to be Did you like this? Mir viel auf, das eins der klassischsten Themes fehlt. Der Erdaufgang vom Mond aus […]. Due to the Sourceforge problems, I checked alternate sources and found a lot of out-of-date in the web page of xplanet.

Hari checked too and answered: These are out of date: Keeping the server list editable by users would make sense if we had thousands of servers. The next update will take some days due to really heavy changes and features. Anmelden als anonymous … Angemeldet! Please keep in mind that xplanetFX is just a dynamic wallpaper and no scientific accurate projection, which counts for xplanet itself, too, when it comes down to the clouds projection:.

These images are not real snapshots nor are they particularly accurate; they are mosaics created from geostationary weather satellite images. The times of the source images may differ by several hours since they are only available at limited times during the day. The cloud maps are not calibrated or carefully geolocated. They are only meant to make the earth look pretty!

It seems to have been successful…. And the hosting provider chez-alice. Initially, it was LibertySurf, then it became Tiscali, then Alice, and now Alice is owned by Free… I have no idea of what will be the next avatar…… and what will happen to the free web hosting service that comes with my subscription….. On the preview via xplanetFX —gui , if i change a value of any a gauge cloud, with of the earth, starts, …. This comment section is meant as a support platform so your message is placed very well.

It seems to me that the corona would be the glow of the atmosphere being backlit by the sun and only really visible when looking at the night side of the planet. Please use google images and the science-fiction section of your favorite movie database for millions of different impressions. Some of my inspiration:. I have Xplanetfx installed on ubuntu I have checked this on different themes, including default, and it appears in all of them.

This should not happen any more. A workaround is the button in the tools tab to remove the clouds image, but thats no sustainable solution. Found xplanetfx through OMG!

Markus Sorry, not checked back on here for a while, I really should have done though. Excellent news you got the stars working. I guess the kstars dump file would only be useful now if I really wanted constelation art on the backdrop. Thank you very much indeed! Great to hear it is running under Mint!

Thank you very much for your estimation! You should really try out the latest version as there are lots of improvements between 2. Hi Markus, I love your program. But with ubuntu My mistake, got the version numbers wrong, now have the latest version, excellent stuff- the zoomable starfield function is a very clever addition.

Stellarium has it as a plugin I think… Just an idea. In one of the latest versions I added the option to execute a script before xplanetFX starts its render cycle waiting for the script to continue first. This is the point where an integration of constellation art can be added — create an image with whatever program you like and save it as.

Februar um So the first problem seems to be fixed, only the SVG stuff left. Since at least the icon xplanetFX. I googled around a bit and struggled over the same problems with exaile and co.

Hi Markus, You fix the problem, I have the gui now from the menu. Great great great thank you. The refresh clouds button works. This is some of the log output I got…. It is in the dependencies for some versions, so updating to the latest version should fix everything. What a fantastic desktop program.

I am seeing one problem that just started recently. The atmospheric corona is offset, down and to the right. This is new, it worked fine when I first installed it. I tried different themes and settings and cannot reproduce the error ootb — could you please provide a screenshot of the issue? That would be really great! The output looks horrible. I had four hours of headache now without any result — it must be a problem with your imagemagick or bc, but as I said: I have no chance to reproduce it.

I am uploading the 2. That would be hopefully of great help to solve the problem. To get the 2. The link in the header provides the same version. I really appreciate your help with this! But anyhow, nice to be understood. I think I can see the problem — it hits when parts of the corona have to be rendered outside the wallpapers dimensions in negative direction.

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