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IBM Traveler appends room information to the end of the location field, but it may not display on the device due to this truncation. The mail folder list does not scroll horizontally. To preserve existing Contact or Calendar data, upgrade the firmware to at least 3. Sleepwalking in Suburbia TV Movie This only applies for levels prior to iOS5.

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Add the first question. Audible Download Audio Books. An Apple device views these notices as multiple invites to a non-repeating meeting and only pushes the latest one to the calendar. Because the synchronization of groups is not supported, calendar invites sent to a personal group one not defined in the Domino server's address book are not delivered and are not able to be sent.

Meetings created from the device with the 'All-day' option are modified to start at 4am and end at 8pm. An All-day event does not provide a start and end time selection. Creating a meeting from the device with the 'All-day' option results in IBM Traveler creating an All-day event, with no attendees, in the users server mail database. Modifying the 'All-day' value from the device results in IBM Traveler rejecting the change and restoring the event to its prior state on the device.

Changes to a meeting on the device that apply to both the current and future instances of the meeting may be rejected by the IBM Traveler server. Apple devices may split a meeting into separate meetings when making changes to the current and future instances of a meeting.

In prior releases, IBM Traveler merged the split meeting back together. This will no longer be done. By default, the IBM Traveler server now rejects the change and sends a mail to the user.

The version of the meeting prior to the change attempt will also be sent to the device. Apple devices older than iOS 8 truncate the display of the Location field based on the device type and calendar view. IBM Traveler appends room information to the end of the location field, but it may not display on the device due to this truncation. If the location field is larger than 75 characters, then IBM Traveler prepends the room information to the description field of the event.

Click to dial does not work, if the stored number includes the letter p as the pause symbol. When entering a dial-in number, use a comma to indicate a pause instead of the letter p. Apple devices will not dial a number when the letter p is used to indicate a pause. For example, do not use p Delete Cancel of an event from the device may not include All future events option.

If the instance selected is represented by an Exception element in the underlying structure of the event, then the All future.. The action only affects the selected instance in this scenario. The user will not be able to determine beforehand whether the All future Actions on multiple instances from the device may be required to Delete Cancel the desired instances.

On Apple iOS7 devices, a ghosted reschedule notice may remain on the calendar after the reschedule has been processed. This problem was fixed in Apple iOS8. A workaround for iOS7 devices is to resync all calendar data by turning calendar sync off and then back on. The Apple device calendar allows you create a sub-calendar to the primary calendar of an account. IBM Traveler does not support this.

Any data added to a sub-calendar under an IBM Traveler account calendar will not sync and will be lost.

Some meeting notices have an attachment called meeting. This attachment is a placeholder for the calendar data normally displayed by the iOS device. When the event is not on the calendar, or has been removed due to being canceled, for instance , the calendar data cannot be shown. When the chair of a meeting cancels all instances of it, the cancel notice is not ghosted to the device, even though it is unprocessed.

This bug was fixed in iOS 9. The cancel notice can still be processed on an iOS 8 device from the Mail inbox, by selecting Delete event. This is by design. As a result, IBM Traveler server will automatically process it when the notice is synced to the device. If the user has not taken action on the original invitation yet, IBM Traveler would tentatively accept it in order to process the remove notice.

The user can still use the iOS Calendar app to accept or decline instances of the meeting, as needed. When one or more instances of a repeating meeting are canceled and the invitee has not taken action on the meeting invitation, the cancel notice may not ghost to the calendar.

The iOS device is ghosting the invitation to the calendar and is not able to ghost the cancel notice over it unless an action is taken on the invitation. Apple Bug has been opened for this issue. The Apple device sends both the decline and tentative actions to the server, even though the user did not choose tentative for any instances. The ability to assign To Do's will be reviewed for inclusion in a future release.

All of the accounts may be queried, and the device may wait to display any results until all are received. If you have any inactive accounts or accounts where the server can no longer be reached, you may want to remove them.

Microsoft Exchange account setup fails with incorrect user ID message. Apple devices do not handle multi-byte characters in login IDs. Not all default or policy settings apply to Apple devices. Auto Sync does not work over a VPN connection. This is a limitation of the device operating system. Draft mail messages are not synchronized with the server. The mail folder list does not scroll horizontally. In some cases, turning the device off and then back on fixes this problem.

The font used for the mail message body is too small. Folder management does not work on the device. Replying to mail does not include file attachments or embedded images. Reply and Forward marks do not sync from server to device. Apple devices do not always download the entire mail message. Mail does not work with personal groups.

The Notes field may not display all meeting data. Attachments in calendar entry do not sync to device. When rescheduling instances of a recurring meeting, the new recurrence date is incorrect. Invites are not sent to personal groups. Changing the 'All-day' option setting for an existing event is not supported. Location field display is truncated on the device. IBM Traveler does not support the sub-calendar feature on Apple devices.

After declining an instance of a repeating meeting, the other instances may be marked tentative. Availability is only shown for some invitees. Full availability may be displayed only for the first 20 invitees on a meeting. Full availability may only be displayed for the first 20 invitees on a meeting.

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