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Cara Memanfaatkan Jalur Penyelamat di Jalan Tol

All the efforts by Najib and his close advisers will go to waste as the debauched perception on his leadership can’t be expunged from the minds of the people both the local voters as well as the international community.

Now, where are those huge sums of money have gone to? Why are there too many banks officers in various banks those handles the workings on 1MDB cash were all found guilty and went to jail and have to pay hefty penalties for dealing dubiously with 1MDB goings-on?

Now let us Malaysians do just a light introspection with ourselves, do we believe the denial by Najib and the rest of his foot-soldiers claims that there were no wrongdoings surrounding 1MDB issues? No wrong doings, 1MDB is making money as they claim and there is no corruptions and what not.

Then why are the rakyat being burdened by these dubious decisions by 1MDB and their leaders? Why do we have to pay 1MDB debts if there is no loss and plundering in the so-called Malaysian wealth funds? Najib and the rest expect us to believe everything they say. They think we Malaysians are having only mud or sand in our heads.

To some others among their supporters even think that we Malaysians have only dried cow dungs in our heads. That's why the robbing and plundering of Malaysian coffers were perpetually practiced by these leaders. I earnestly believe that the PPBM is making inroads in most of the Umno stronghold and the chance for the newly minted party to succeed is looming.

However the success is very conditional. If Umno knows how to arrest the advancement of this party as the alternative to Umno, the party will find its chances to be vulnerable. If Umno maintains the current crop of ruling leaders the advancement of the party chaired by Dr Mahathir will progress unhindered.

Hence the survival of Umno is dependent on how the party manages its own presence in the current political ambience. Right now Umno is at its lowest ebb that the party will parish if nothing is done to arrest the problems and glitches of this ruling party. Umno can circumvent the progression and encroachment to the nerves of the Malays and Malaysians in total by getting their scandalous leaders out of our politics absolutely. If Najib instantaneously resigns together with his mediocratic colleagues and foot-soldiers both in the Cabinet and the highest governing body of the party Supreme Council , Umno will regain the confidence of the voting public and the new PPBM with crash before taking off.

For the Malays once they join Umno they will remain Umno at heart albeit the massive migration of its members to other legally existed parties in the country. Most of them left Umno because the party was hijacked by unscrupulous, deceitful, dodgy, corrupt, and devious leaders with many other dirty and murky superlatives labeled on them by the people.

Their dispositions and presence are no longer exciting and worthwhile to claim trust and faith from ordinary Malaysians. The watchful Malaysians are looking at them with misgivings and unredeemable cynicism. The crooked and kinked image of the Umno ruling leaders is at its pinnacle and there is no other way to retrieve the previous clean and mighty image of the first three PMs of this country other than to move out from the soiled perception by the people.

Umno must come out clear from the grimy atmosphere to more satisfactory environment. The people want different atmosphere absolutely and the only way is to move on to this new environment. Malaysians of all races would be perpetually in the environment of improbability and uncertainty. This feeling of inconceivability would certainly be followed by perennial split among the ordinary people like we have to-date.

We are splitting in every turf and arena. The fragmentations have been so serious along racial and religious lines as well as inter and intra-parties in political fraternity and we are now lowly perceived by international community who recognize us as a hub of corrupt and fraudulent goings-on nation.

As a result Malaysians are now active in soul-searching and introspection and it was lot easier to believe that the current ruling elites will be sidelined via dumping the ruling party to ashes in the coming General Election than to self-coaxing and made-believe that the ruling party is still raptly formidable. There are limits to patience and endurance as such that the people have to chuck away the party just to do away with the obstinate and their adamantly stubborn and desolate leaders.

Hence the future of Umno and other ruling parties within the BN coalition is fully the responsibility of the current leader Najib. BUT for certain majority of Malaysians do not want a pest-like leader who is backed by loafers to rule them any longer.

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