A More Efficient Method for Paging Through Large Result Sets

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This turns off row limitation and puts the current session in the default behavior mode in case the caller is doing anything else interesting with the same connection that may require more rows returned. Taking Advantage of the SQL Server Optimizer An optimizer trick that can also be used in this scenario is when a single variable is set to a potential list of values, it will get assigned the value of the last item in the list. For example, the following SQL script simply creates and fills a table variable with records 1 through , then selects the value of the val column into a local variable from the entire table using two different sorts: Value Sort ASC Sort Value Sort 1 DESC Sort While one might think that SQL Server will need to read every record from the tmp table and assign the val column to res for each such record, looking at the query plan for the statement it becomes obvious that the SQL Server optimizer knows that it will only ever need a single row to complete the query and is able to just read in that particular record.

In short, when presented with such a query SQL Server doesn't actually get all of the records from the table, one at a time, and assign them to the local variable. Rather, it searches just for the last record in the query and assigns that result to the variable. So, how does this little trick help in the problem of paging large result sets? Here is another, more efficient version of Scott and David's stored procedures: This allows paging the result set in a much more efficient manner.

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