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Auf die Emitterschicht On the emitter layer 4 4 kann zumindest im Bereich der Oberflächenseite may be at least in the region of the surface side 3 3 eine Antireflexionsbeschichtung an anti-reflection coating 9 9 angeordnet sein.


Hungen station is a station on the Gießen–Gelnhausen railway in the town of Hungen in the German state of Hesse. From 1 June to 4 April , the Friedberg–Mücke railway branched off to Mücke via Laubach and to Friedberg via Wölfersheim and Beienheim. The station is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 6 station.

The German wine classification system puts a strong emphasis on standardization and factual completeness, and was first implemented per the German Wine Law of Almost all of Germany's vineyards are delineated and registered as one of approximately 2, Einzellagen 'individual sites' , and the produce from one can be used to make German wine at any quality level, depending not on yields but on the ripeness, or must weight of the grapes.

In a country as far north as Germany, the ripeness of grapes varies tremendously and profoundly affects the types of wine that can be produced. The ripeness categories are referred to as "quality levels," which is a misnomer - ripeness is always a clue to a wine's body, but not necessarily a predictor of its quality. Also, ripeness is determined by sugar content at harvest and does not reflect the sugar content in the final wine.

Thus a wine in any of the German categories can be dry trocken or fairly dry halbtrocken. The quality system of wines has been reorganized since 1 August by the EU wine market organization. The traditional German wine classification was superseded by an origin-related system Terroir. The already existing protection of geographical indication was transmitted through this step as well to the wine classification. There are two major categories of German wine: Table wine includes the designations tafelwein and landwein.

These are rock bottom categories of inexpensive, light, neutral wine. In , Tafelwein and Landwein only accounted for 3. The different Prädikat superior quality wine designations used are as followed, in order of increasing sugar levels in the must:.

The minimum must weight requirements for the different Prädikat designations are as follows. This does not necessarily determine the sweetness of the final wine, because the winemaker may choose to ferment the wine fully or let some residual sugar remain. The sugar content in the finished wine can be indicated by the following designations for Qualitätswein and Prädikatswein. There are also color designations that can be used on the label: Some producers also use additional propriate designations to denote quality or ripeness level within a Prädikat.

These are out of the scope of the German wine law. Especially for Auslese, which can cover a wide range of sweetness levels, the presence of any of these designations tends to indicate a sweet dessert wine rather than a semi-sweet wine. Ferner ist die Bauart einer Solarzelle bekannt, bei der keine Stromsammelschienen auf der Oberflächenseite angeordnet sind, um die sich dort befindenden Kontaktfinger miteinander zu verbinden.

Further, the type of a solar cell is known in which no bus bars are arranged on the surface side to connect the contact fingers located there with each other. Vielmehr sind die beiden Sammelschienen an den beiden Randseiten des Substrats angeordnet.

Rather, the two busbars at the two edge sides of the substrate are arranged. In this way, the active area is enlarged while still the contact fingers cover a considerable area proportion that is not for power generation available.

Eine weitere Bauart einer Solarzelle weist eine strukturierte Oberflächenseite mit streifenförmigen, voneinander beabstandeten Erhöhungen auf.

Another type of solar cell has a structured surface side with strip-shaped, spaced-apart elevations. The increases wear by means of roller pressure applied contact fingers, that is, instead of applied by means of lithographic methods or screen printing, relatively large-area contact fingers are applied to the narrow crests of the ridges contact fingers, for example in the form of silver paste, which, however, considerably smaller in width because of their cross-sectional shape have sufficiently large current-carrying capacity.

In this way, a smaller area is covered, so that the active area is increased and thus the efficiency of the solar cell is raised. Die sich auf den Erhöhungen befindlichen Kontaktfingern werden mittels Stromsammelschienen verbunden, die per Dispenser auf die Oberflächenseite aufgespritzt werden.

The contact fingers is located on the increases are connected by means of bus bars that are sprayed by dispenser on the surface side. Sie verlaufen rechtwinklig zu den Kontaktfingern, wobei die gespritzten Stränge den Höhendifferenzen der Strukturierung folgen. They are perpendicular to the contact fingers, with the sprayed strands follow the differences in height of the structure. Beim Einbrennen der Silberpaste der Sammelschienen kann es zu Rissbildungen kommen.

When baking the silver paste of the busbars can cause cracking. Die Verminderung der aktiven Fläche durch die per Dispenser aufgebrachten Sammelschienen ist geringer als bei den Siebdruckfingern beziehungsweise lithographisch erzeugten Kontaktfingern. The reduction of the active surface by the applied per Dispenser bus bars is less than with screen printing or lithographically produced fingers contact fingers. Eine Oberflächenseite ist mit einer Emitterschicht und einer Strukturierung mit steifenförmigen, durch Gräben getrennten und damit voneinander beabstandeten Erhöhungen versehen, wobei die Erhöhungen mit Kontaktfingern versehen sind.

A surface side is provided with an emitter layer and a patterning with strip-shaped, separated by trenches and spaced ridges, wherein the ridges are provided with contact fingers.

Japanese reference JP A is concerned with the application of a metal paste on a solar cell for forming electrodes by means of roller pressure. Der Erfindung liegt die Aufgabe zugrunde, ein Verfahren zur einfachen Herstellung einer Solarzelle mit hohem Wirkungsgrad und Funktionssicherheit anzugeben.

The object underlying the invention is to provide a process for easily producing a solar cell with high efficiency and reliability. Diese Aufgabe wird durch die Merkmale des Anspruchs 1 gelöst. This object is solved by the features of claim 1. The inventive method for manufacturing a solar cell comprising the steps of: Es wird also ein halbleitendes Substrat dotiert, die Oberflächenseite des Substrats wird mit einer streifenförmige Erhöhungen aufweisenden Strukturierung versehen, auf der Oberflächenseite des Substrats wird eine Emitterschicht erzeugt, auf die Strukturierung werden per Rollendruck Kontaktfinger aufgedruckt und es werden auf der Unterflächenseite des Substrats mit den Kontaktfingern elektrisch leitend in Verbindung stehende Stromsammelschienen angeordnet.

There is thus a semiconductive substrate doped, the surface side of the substrate is provided having structure with a strip-shaped elevations, on the surface side of the substrate, an emitter layer is formed on the structuring of the contact fingers are printed by roller printing and there are on the lower surface side of the substrate with the contact fingers electrically conductive related busbars arranged. Die Stromsammelschienen werden auf der Unterflächenseite per Rollendruck aufgedruckt.

The busbars are printed on the lower surface side via web printing ,. Diese Art der Erstellung von Randsammelschiene und Rückkontaktstreifen, also mittels Rollendruck, führt zu geringen Herstellungskosten und stellt eine funktionssichere Technik dar, die reproduzierbare Ergebnisse erbringt.

This type of preparation of side busbar and back contact strips, that by means of roller pressure, resulting in low manufacturing cost and provides a fail-safe technology, provides the reproducible results.

The solar cell produced by the process of this invention comprises a semiconducting, doped substrate having a surface and a side lying opposite lower surface side. Die Oberflächenseite der Solarzelle ist mit Strukturierung versehen, die streifenförmige, voneinander beabstandete Erhöhungen aufweist. The surface side of the solar cell is provided with structuring, has the strip-shaped, spaced-apart elevations. Die Erhöhungen laufen vorzugsweise parallel zueinander.

The ridges preferably run parallel to one another. Ferner besitzt die Oberflächenseite eine Emitterschicht, die durch Dotie rung im Substrat erzeugt wird. Further, the surface side has an emitter layer, which is generated by Dotie tion in the substrate.

Die Emitterschicht besitzt eine n-Dotierung; The emitter layer has an n-type impurity; sie besteht vorzugsweise aus n-dotiertem Silizium. Das halbleitende, dotierte Substrat besteht demgegenüber aus p-dotiertem Silizium, so dass insgesamt ein pn-Übergang einer flächigen Diode gebildet ist.

The semiconducting, doped substrate other hand, consists of p-doped silicon, so that a total of a pn junction diode is formed of a flat. Die Erhöhungen tragen Kontaktfinger, die mittels Rollendruck erzeugt sind und der Stromableitung der Emitterschicht dienen. The increases wear contact fingers, which are generated by means of roller pressure and are used for current derivation of the emitter layer. Sie sind soweit bis an die Randkante und darüber hinaus ausgebildet, dass sie elektrisch leitend mit mindestens einer sich auf der Unterflächenseite befindenden und vorzugsweise ebenfalls bis über die Randkante hinaus reichenden Stromsammelschiene in Verbindung stehen.

They are formed as far as up to the marginal edge and in addition to electrically conductive that are available with at least one on the lower surface side and preferably also beyond the peripheral edge protrude reaching busbar in connection. Thus, the contact fingers and the bus bar are each "drawn around the corner" quasi, that is, they are guided into the region of the edge side, so that they contact each other there, electrically, that is, the discharged from the contact fingers current is in the range of pass edge side of the contact fingers on the busbar, which takes over the flow guide.

Die Erfindung geht also ganz neue Wege, da ohne zusätzliche, an der Randseite angeordnete Mittel eine Kontaktierung von der Oberflächenseite bis zur Unterflächenseite erfolgt. The invention is thus entirely new way, since without additional, arranged on the edge side of a contacting means from the surface side to the lower surface side is carried out.

Dies vereinfacht die Herstellung. This simplifies the production. Since no busbars are on the surface side, there is a correspondingly large active surface available, which is due to the manufactured per roll pressure contact fingers only slightly covered. Vorzugsweise ist vorgesehen, dass die Randseite eine Randsammelschiene aufweist, die eine zusätzliche Verbindung zwischen den Rollendruck-Kontaktfingern und der Stromsammelschiene herstellt.

It is preferably provided that the peripheral side having a peripheral bus that establishes an additional connection between the roller pressure-contact fingers and the bus bar.

Nach dem Hauptanspruch sind die Rollendruck-Kontaktfinger im Bereich der Randseite mit der Stromsammelschiene verbunden, wobei jeder Verbindungsweg zumindest abschnittsweise etwa ähnliche Querschnittsabmessungen wie die Kontaktfinger aufweist. According to the main claim, the roller pressure contact fingers are in the region of the edge side is connected to the power bus bar, each communication path including at least partially about similar cross-sectional dimensions as the contact fingers.

Barrierefrei zu den Gleisen". Giessener Allgemeine in German. Retrieved 3 March Retrieved 7 April Retrieved from " https: Railway stations in Hesse Railway stations opened in establishments in Germany Buildings and structures in Giessen district.

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