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Because that image made me stop in my furious scrolling tracks and want to read the article. And I think that versatility is what will make them even better and more useful in Are you seriously going to be able to scroll past this pastel mixer? They make sure the text is front and center, with the graphic used as support:

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Ideas Lists Videos Photos. Show All The Best. Show Footer 1 in Trends. Week Month 2 Mo. The Ember Limited Edition Copper Mug is the latest iteration of the smart mug that will work to keep your choice of hot beverage piping hot until the last drop. Designed in an all-new copper colorway, Traditional knife storage solutions often have a wooden design that encapsulates knives when not in use, but the Artelegno Magnetic Knife Block takes things in a different direction. The Polyhedron Bar Cart has been created as a post-modern piece of decor for the home or office that will store all your essential libations to ensure they are always on hand when required Unfortunately, there is no magical way to decompose data uniquely into a trend and random errors.

The following is offered to serve as a useful guide. In the following detrending graph, data was simulated from two models. It is difficult to tell which is which the blue circles are from the Ordinary Kriging model, and the red circles are from the Universal Kriging model with independent errors. Spatial autocorrelation can allow flexible prediction surfaces, and this example shows that it can be difficult to decide among the models based on the data alone. In general, you should stick to Ordinary Kriging unless you have strong reasons to remove a trend surface.

The reason is that it is best to keep your models as simple as possible. If you remove a trend surface, there are more parameters to estimate.

A two-dimensional quadratic surface adds five parameters beyond the intercept parameter that need to be estimated. There are 17 SDGs, focused, broadly, on eradicating poverty, combatting global warming, and ensuring equality and justice, and including specifics such as: But the current state of affairs has left many actors in the field wondering how to update their agendas to match the current environment. In that spirit, we share our findings here. But nearly twice as many organizations now focus on post-primary issues for adolescent girls e.

However, we also found that the organizations that focus on adolescent girls often hone in on a limited set of issues specific to adolescent girls, such as menstrual hygiene management and sexual and reproductive health education. That means that many are missing a key opportunity to take on larger structural issues, such as addressing the constraining gender norms and expectations that typically arise when a girl reaches puberty, or facilitating school-reintegration for school-aged mothers or child brides.

Specifically, 44 percent of the organizations that we studied are engaged in teacher training and gender-sensitization efforts, while 27 percent focus on addressing gender-responsive curriculum e. Significant progress has been made on the education front for large groups of girls in the Global South in the late s. However, global political will to tackle the challenges and barriers to education for the most marginalized girls is likely to take a turn.

The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation Norad , for example, supports the work of Save the Children in Malawi , which aims to prevent teenage pregnancy so as to keep girls from dropping out of school.

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