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online matka play is the term which is most frequently used in online satta matka, a form of gambling. primarily till the term online matka play was not introduced, onlinematka were played manually and a lucky number was announced.

It has contested Lok Sabha and State Assembly elections around the country, though its successes have been mainly in Uttar Pradesh. In the legislative assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh, SP registered a landslide victory with a clear majority in the House, thus enabling it to form the government in the state. This was expected to be the fifth term of Mulayam Singh Yadav as Chief Minister of state, but he surprised everyone by selecting his son, Akhilesh Yadav, to be the new chief minister the youngest ever.

It became official on 15 March. It was also the first time that SP was head of the UP government for a full term of 5 years. The Samajawadi Party provided outside support to the United Progressive Alliance government up to the sixteenth general election, After the sixteenth general election its support became unnecessary when the UPA became the largest alliance. In April , the Save Indian Family Foundation encouraged voters to support the Samajwadi Party or vote None of the above because the Samajwadi Party had stated that it opposed the alleged misuse of gender bias laws.

The Samajwadi Party has called homosexuality "unethical and immoral. The clashes between the Hindu and Muslim communities in Muzaffarnagar district , Uttar Pradesh , India in August - September , resulted in at [20] least 9 deaths and injured 34 after which an indefinite curfew was imposed. The riot has been described as "the worst violence in Uttar Pradesh in recent history"; the army's deployment was its first in the state for 20 years.

In reaction to this, Akhilesh Yadav warned of strict action against those found guilty. One of the groups is led by him with the support of his father's cousin, Ram Gopal Yadav. Akhilesh Yadav has fired his uncle twice from his cabinet as it was seen by many as a direct challenge to his father Mulayam Singh Yadav, who has steadily supported his younger brother Shivpal over him.

Battle in the family fired up when Akhilesh Yadav released a parallel list of candidates for Uttar Pradesh election. Mulayam Singh Yadav and Shivpal Singh Yadav already has released list of candidates few days before. Naresh Chandra Uttam was named as Uttar Pradesh state president of the party.

Expulsion also included vice-president Kiranmoy Nanda and state general secretary Naresh Agarwal were also expelled for attending the convention. Due to the convention, the party is apparently divided and is headed by two competing presidents. Akhilesh Yadav and his father both are representing themselves as party presidents. If the president then fails to call the convention that individual member may call for the convention. In this case however, Akhilesh Faction has acted against the party constitution and technically Mulayam Singh Yadav is still the party president.

After the national convention was declared illegal by Mulayam Singh Yadav and further truce talks failed Mulayam Singh along with Amar Singh and Jaya Prada decided to go to the Election Commission to sort out the matter. The Election Commission gave time until 9 January to submit the related documents to both sides to submit required documents that show support of the party members. Khelne wale call na kare. If u want to cover ur LOSS and earn money so call fast and please only and only genuine log call kare, dhokhebaaz and fraud logo ko call karne ki jarurat nahi hai ….

So Call Powered by: Please fraud aur dhokebaaz log call na kare, aap imaandaari se payment kare, mai aap par bharosa karek aapko game deta hu, so call now Agar Jigar mr dum hai so call, aap bhi kamaao hume bhi kamaane do call fast … Powered by: Imaandaari se kam khelne wale call na kare. Vishal Bhagat 13 August at Matka India 10 January at Matka India 11 March at Vishal Bhagat 15 May at Vishal Bhagat 17 May at Vishal Bhagat 18 May at Vishal Bhagat 19 May at Vishal Bhagat 20 May at Vishal Bhagat 21 May at Vishal Bhagat 22 May at Vishal Bhagat 24 May at Vishal Bhagat 25 May at Vishal Bhagat 27 May at Vishal Bhagat 28 May at Vishal Bhagat 29 May at Vishal Bhagat 5 June at Vishal Bhagat 8 June at Vishal Bhagat 9 June at Vishal Bhagat 10 June at Vishal Bhagat 11 June at Vishal Bhagat 12 June at Vishal Bhagat 14 June at Vishal Bhagat 15 June at Vishal Bhagat 16 June at Vishal Bhagat 17 June at Vishal Bhagat 18 June at Vishal Bhagat 19 June at Vishal Bhagat 21 June at Vishal Bhagat 22 June at Vishal Bhagat 23 June at Vishal Bhagat 24 June at Vishal Bhagat 25 June at Vishal Bhagat 30 June at Vishal Bhagat 1 July at Vishal Bhagat 2 July at Vishal Bhagat 3 July at Vishal Bhagat 5 July at Vishal Bhagat 6 July at Vishal Bhagat 7 July at Vishal Bhagat 8 July at Vishal Bhagat 10 July at Vishal Bhagat 12 July at Vishal Bhagat 13 July at Vishal Bhagat 22 July at Vishal Bhagat 23 July at Vishal Bhagat 24 July at Vishal Bhagat 26 July at Vishal Bhagat 28 July at As a random example lets assume the numbers 8,2,8.

Our final card would look like this: Here is an example card. A person can bet on the entire chance of all numbers being chosen to the first, last, or any other type of bet allowed by the Matka bookie. For this reason it can be an attractive game because of the payout multiples but the game is merely a game of chance and therefore can not be beaten. It requires all luck to win but many are superstitious about their numbers and always play them, just like the lottery games.

When the cards and numbers are picked, generally at 9pm and 12 at night the winners are declared. This is how a payout would occur. The game is still played by the big time enthusiasts that remember the days of Ratan having celebrities pull draws for him. The game has since lost most of its following and Indians have chosen the faster paced action of betting on cricket games via mobile devices or live dealer casinos on the internet.

What ever happened to the legendary Ratan Khatri — Matka King?

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