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Please read the FAQ and Rules above, then feel free to share your journey or ask for advice! My only comment is to better format the print layout; when I open it in Excel, the Monthly Budget worksheet defaults to print on six pages. This is truly a blessing for my family. When you first start using the envelope system your goal is to pay cash wherever possible and practical.

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After all, why have money if you can't enjoy it? Having money that is yours and having money that is somebody else's loans, debt are two different things. That's what he teaches. Hence, the "rice and beans" diet. Honestly, I think it's a bit of a figurative phrase as well. You can't sacrifice your health, but at the same time you don't need to be eating expensive food and going out to eat if you're trying to pay off debt.

Dave is all about enjoying the nice things in life, but only after you are no longer in debt to anyone. Just throwing out a thought since the OP asked about EveryDollar. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post. Gaining wealth for the purpose of excessive consumption Taking the slow road, or the traditional road to retirement Becoming financially independent requires hard work and a healthy attitude towards money, but also a degree of privilege.

Please read the FAQ and Rules above, then feel free to share your journey or ask for advice! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Step 2 - slap a slightly different GUI on it. Hey, it worked for Mint.

What does this one cost? Also, a foot rub for the wife is certainly negotiable for subscription members. Curious if he got it fixed. So, do you create a whole new Excel file for a new month, or create new worksheets for each month? I find this helpful for me personally because I can easily calculate total debt repayment over the span of multiple months. Thanks for sharing your spreadsheet. I agree, that Excel is awesome.

Despite some of the other software that I use, the majority of my tracking and calculations are still done on Excel. This is so fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing. It then is put into a monthly budget. I know exactly where I stand with every account and the budget itself every day. One of my readers recommended to me that people should just save automatically.

Take a certain percentage out of every check that you want to save and then just try to live off of the rest. Eventually you wont even remember that you took it out. Probably far easier than a budget. Charing — excellent suggestion. As for history, I was going to use a new file for each month. I debated putting multiple tabs, but having them in separate files makes archival easier…plus I personally get overwhelmed with too many tabs! I not only budget, but I make everything I can automatic too.

Bet of both worlds! Paul — Thank you so much. I just fixed all of the errors you and everyone else mentioned. I really like the looks of the spreadsheet. Yours looks nice and condensed, thanks for sharing!

I also use excel to track expenses. Mine is a bit more concise, is all on one page, tracking the months by columns. It might be helpful to you, if you eventually wish to create a summary page. Thanks for posting this and the update! I work for a very cutting edge software company where everyone loves to use open source solutions and home-brewed stuff for just about everything, but I must admit that for the price, Quicken really does it all.

For the time you spend on your spreadsheet, Quicken is a frugal choice. Toby — No objection really, just a little more than I need or want. It also only budgets at the month level and not bi-weekly. This looks great, and I will be trying it out in the next week by populating some of our personal numbers. Are all the formulas straight-forward so that when adding these rows I should be able to find all the places any sums,etc need to be updated?

Then I compare this spreadsheet to the transactions listed in online banking so I know when things post — which is when I delete them from the monthly spreadsheet.

Looking forward to trying out your sheet to help move us from being reactive to proactive with our personal finances. I get paid fortnightly and use Excel as well. Next year I plan on using http: Thank you for the spreadsheet. We are new to RVing and I sent my husband your article on trailer sway. How do you handle a home repairs accounts. Its really a good thinking and very amazing to see as i also want to make personal budget but i have not been successing in that.

Now this month i have started and want to fulfil it completely. I enjoy this spreadsheet…. I think I found an error. Now I have an organized way to, once again, implement this budgeting system without all the obstacles. An envelope system wallet is designed to be used with the cash envelope system of budgeting.

I prefer natural materials like leather or fabric and his wallets are vinyl. I also cannot appreciate the huge Financial Peace University logo embossed on the outside. Actually, he has several envelope systems to choose from, plus a coupon organizer and they are all reasonably priced. If you want your wallet to stand out in the crowd, choose one from SavvyCents.

These envelope systems come in black, pink, or polka dotted patent leather or zebra stripes. Included are pre-printed and blank labels for the tabs on the accordion sections. One other is made of camouflage fabric and is more like a zip-shut bank bag with fabric envelopes inside.

I think it would be something a man would keep in the glove box of his car, but not carry around in his pocket. CitrusDesigns makes the camo one already mentioned and another style made of vinyl. Her design looks less bulky than those with zippers on all the pockets; plus I really like her choice of fabrics. TheLaughingHouse is the other crafter. If you enjoy crafting, but not sewing, consider modifying a wallet you already own.

Kelleigh Ratzlaff is a work-at-home mom that designs papercraft templates to sell. On her blog , she has a free template and tutorial for making your own envelope insert that will fit into a standard-sized wallet. She also has an Etsy store where she sells pre-made envelope sets for your cash budget system.

Now, I have a true reason to go shopping—with cash, of course. Do you use the cash envelope system of budgeting? What do you carry your cash in? These posts after yours, jmonen, are interesting.

I wonder if they are real people or what…. Thanks for the conciseness and great information! This was a great challenge for our family we undertook this month. We are already saving a ton. And when the envelope is empty… No more spending ;. You can also do the envelope system with just plain envelopes. Jonathan, thank you for the comment. Glad to hear your family is already seeing a significant savings as a result of the envelope system.

Keep up the good work! This budgeting system really does work.

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