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Would only work for usd and hk currency however. Unless you convert the foreign currency to either one of those 2 or aud. Which defeats the purpose. I was told it would work for all the currencies they supported?

So for instance i have a lot of family in England, so everytime i go there and come back, i have a lot of pounds still on me, i was told i can deposit the pounds into my account as UK Sterling pounds and then withdraw them again when i go back to England.

So no conversions or transfer fees etc. Rather than holding them on my for months till i go back. This was obtained from the footnotes of the hsbc website you posted. Please refer to the "Personal Financial Services Charges - your guide" for more information. I am currently holding a multi-currency account with HSBC. My experience with deposit FX cash at branch does incur a fee. Better double check with HSBC. Is there a sperm handling fee at a sperm bank also?

You mean your "leftover" cash? If all your transactions card and ATM are free, you can just get out from an ATM roughly what you need and pay by card the rest of the time. That's what I do in Australia too. If there's an ATM operator fee - which happens in some countries - and you don't have access to a HSBC ATM, that will encourage you to carry more cash which you'll then have to deposit when you get back.

Also, there's security aspects of carrying lots of cash. I guess there's advantages to both ways but I prefer the ING way, which is that you I use my card the same way whether I'm in Australia or overseas.

Holding onto leftover cash isn't a problem because it's not necessary to carry wads of cash in the first place when you can use your card or withdraw from an ATM whenever you like. For me, due to the local banks atm fees etc when i am travelling as well as always wanting to be prepared, when i withdraw cash, i tend to withdraw the max amount i can at one time from the ATM.

As usually you cant withdraw much from some local banks anyway. I guess thats me trying to not pay pay too many of the local bank atm fees. Hence i seem to end up with a lot of currencies over time and i dont convert them back when i am here as you will get ripped off plus i always figure decent chance i will go back there and its good to have it on me when i do go back there to pay for the initial cab and food costs till i can get to a ATM.

Unless you wanted to lock the currency rate at a specific rate i guess? You have to change your behaviour to avoid local bank fees. I'd rather not think about them and just withdraw whatever I need - with no fees - whether that's a large amount or a small amount, whatever the situation calls for.

As far as having cash on you when you get back to the country, I'm not sure how the HSBC card helps there. The HSBC way is still sounding like more of a hassle to me. Convert to foreign currency how and at what rate? As good as the Visa rate? Versus, deposit in AUD at ING, get out what you need whenever you like fee free, hold onto leftover cash for initial cab and food costs for country return, although even this is less of an issue because you can use the airport ATM fee free which you might not be able to with HSBC.

In fact, just this last point - being able to use the ATM at any airport fee free - is enough to make the ING way more convenient to me. So in that sense it works like ING and Citibank plus but has the extra option of also prepurchasing foreign currency and also if you have foreign currency yourself for whatever reason, you can deposit that into the account and withdraw that amount later on in the country instead of keeping it on you or in the house for months till you travel again.

I can see that it would appeal to people who regularly receive foreign currencies directly. ATM operator fees can be substantial. It's usually not competitive and a hassle to pre-purchase foreign currency unless you are really sure that a currency will devalue. The question is whether you would need to deposit foreign currencies regularly enough to justify the extra costs you would incur in other situations.

Or get both cards ;. All the other currencies are through the visa rate. Probably useful if there is a major decrease or increase. But i still like to have cash on me especially if you are visiting more third world countries i guess. They only have Apple Pay.

They also aren't on Google's list of supported banks. This link makes a reference to Google Pay: However when you click on the hyperlink it takes you to here: The whole locking in funds in a foreign currency at the best rate before even going to the ATM is a new thing?

I'm going to apply for one now. Going Europe for a month this year, from my previous research it seems ING provides a better deal but please correct me if I'm wrong. Can't hurt to take another card with you incase there's a problem with one, like losing it. You don't want to be left with your only other card being one that gets stung with fees happened to me after leaving my travel card in an ATM once and my only other card being CBA.

In the past that's how I've got it to work when NAB did the same thing deposit funds in and then back out , but things may have changed in the last few years.

You can deposit from outside ING and then move it out. But honestly the ING account is a very good everyday account fee free for practically all transactions and ATM withdrawals in Australia or overseas, good customer service, good app that I don't see the reason for using another. Be wary, they are woeful. You can deposit and then withdraw as soon as it's cleared.

How does this compare with Citibank plus outside of much better systems that doesn't lock you out when you're overseas? Not sure of bchliu's experience, but if I'm overseas and have a prepaid sim that doesn't allow international roaming such as Kogan Mobile , I have to rely solely on the Citibank app to get a secure token to actually do anything with the account. Even signing in to the website on a mobile device will force you to use the app to get the code.

I can go into desktop mode and sign in that way, then I get the option of having it sent via text. I rely on much cheaper local SIM cards at my destination instead of paying a king's ransom for roaming charges. Hence SMS Authentication does not work. I've had the Citibank app's secure token lock up my account almost permanently to the point that Citibank had to delete and recreate it for me before it will work again.

So it was almost worthless outside of the occasion thing that didnt require me a PIN. Their US division insisted I talk to Australia's to get it fixed at this end. I'm glad I'm not the only one to complain about their shitty 2-factor Authentication that does not work properly. I've left a couple of complaints to their developers but never got contacted at all about my concerns or situation. No lock outs with Citibank App.. My only gripe was after making transactions, it took business days for my account to clear the transaction so this meant..

This meant when i was low on cash.. Read the current reviews for the app on Google Play. Last update was 20 January. Maybe in another month they'll push an update that doesn't force close as soon as it launches. BTW i run it on iOS..

The app is absolute junk. You need a code from the app to do anything of substance, even if you're on a laptop. Latest update was 20 January. Fortunately or not, depending on your perspective this is a common enough occurrence that I make sure I have a prepaid sim that will receive texts overseas Telstra. On iOS, for me.. This meant it doesn't need to sms me any code etc to do stuff.

Here's the steps I go through with the app. Yay, it's a version that works! Get it setup and locked to the phone can only be associated with one phone at a time. You'll need to be able to receive a text for initial setup.

Another week or two goes by, app insists on updating yet again. Eventually you see an update in Google Play for the Citibank Australia app. Occasionally start from step 1 because the app hates you and insists your phone is an imposter, and must be setup as a new device. I think it only happened once, maybe twice. Luckily I wasn't overseas.

Didn't have any problems doing it on my mobile, no roaming. I have concerns on the app's reliability. Use this calendar to find relevant product dates and CME Group holiday hours. By default, all products are included. By default, only Last Trade Date is listed.

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