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EKONOMİ HABERLERİ. Otomobil ve Hafif Ticari Araç Pazarı Kasım Dış Ticaret İstatistikleri İhracat %9,4 arttı, ithalat %21,3 azaldı Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu ile T Otomobil ve Hafif Ticari Araç Pazarı. Tarih: 5 Ocak / Kategori: Ekonomi Haberleri. Otomobil ve Hafif Ticari Araç Pazarı Yılında %35 Azaldı Otomobil Pazarı %33, Hafif Ticari.

In my first year as an academician, this is so prestigious to attend to such a conference. That came pleasing to me inasmuch as we were there for an academic organization as a part of our work. I wish everyone a new year first full of health and then full of more thoughts to be realized. Briefly, my first TEA conference was very fascinating with its sessions and participants.

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