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In BBY , [7] Peema Ahuff acquired the preserved head of Darth Bandon from a smuggler with the intentions of presenting the head to Bouris Ulgo as a peace offering in order to improve relations between Ahuff's House Alde and the king. During his time serving in the Republic Navy, Trask Ulgo was dedicated to the Republic cause and took his duty seriously. Due to his sense of duty, Ulgo was outraged by cowardice and disloyalty. Despite the fact that the odds were against the Republic forces on the Endar Spire , he still believed that he should locate and aid his Jedi commander rather than simply evacuate the ship.

Ulgo also held the combat skills of both the Jedi and the Sith in high regard, believing that common soldiers would merely impede combat fought between Jedi and Sith.

When he and Revan encountered Darth Bandon on the Endar Spire , Ulgo stayed behind to hold off the Sith and buy his companion the time necessary to escape the dying ship. Ulgo had fair skin, blond hair , and blue eyes. Trask Ulgo was trained in the use of various types of armor as well as in the use of melee weapons , blaster pistols , blaster rifles , and heavy weaponry.

Ulgo also had knowledge of close-quarters combat tactics and the cortosis-weave design used in the Republic's melee weapons to make them resistant to lightsaber strikes. He had some training in first-aid and in overriding the security systems present in doors and storage containers. While on the Endar Spire , Trask Ulgo wore a standard suit of Republic armor and carried a blaster pistol.

When the Sith forces attacked the ship, Ulgo also had access to a medpac and a vibroblade. Trask Ulgo first appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic , a video game produced by BioWare. While every other party member with understandable speech in the game has a credited voice actor, Ulgo's voice actor was not identified in the game's credits.

Ulgo serves as the player's first party member, with much of his dialogue serving as a tutorial to show the player how to use game controls.

After the Endar Spire portion of the game, he is removed from the party selection screen, with his portrait later being filled by Bastila Shan. If the player removes Ulgo's standard clothing in the equipment screen, his appearance will not change, although it will change normally if his clothing is replaced with a different set of armor.

When the player confronts Darth Bandon later on in the game, the player may choose to accuse Bandon of killing Ulgo, although Bandon does not confirm that he killed Ulgo. In Knights of the Old Republic , the player could encounter Selven , a bounty hunter who killed all the members of the Ulgo family on Taris and who was rumored to have been hired by the Organa family. Before Ragone uncovered this information, it was commonly believed, even by Tsuburaya Productions, that only one episode, Episode 3 "Gift From Outer Space" , was dubbed into English as a pilot.

In a weekly radio drama series was produced called The Ultra Q Club. It featured voice acting from the original Ultra Q cast. In the years following the show's original run, a live action film called Ultra Q The Movie: Legend of the Stars was released in As well, a radio program featuring the voices of the three original stars of the show playing their classic characters called The Ultra Q Club aired on Japanese radio from Also in , a new series called Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy was produced while another series called Neo Ultra Q began airing in early The original concept of the show when it was going to be called Unbalance was ultimately used for a episode horror anthology series entitled Horror Theater Unbalance that was produced by Tsuburaya Productions in Various Ultra Q monsters were reused or redressed for various monsters in Ultraman.

Kemur and Ragon now giant-sized returned, while the Garamon suit was reused and repaired to serve as Pigmon. Other suits were altered to play other monsters such as Peguila being altered into Chandorah, Kemur being altered into Alien Zetton, Pagos being altered into Neronga and later Magular and Gabora , while the head of the Cicada Man was modified to become the head of Alien Baltan. Finally, Peter's suit was modified to become that of Gesura.

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