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You could surely get the chance to view your paystub online. This stub could be printed and you may easily use it as your proof of income. The first thing that you need to do is get on the associate website of Walmart i.e. Then to create an account, you need to click on to the Register which is just below the sign up option.

My daughter had a situation where we had to take my granddaughter to the ER while she was out of state. Since the ACA does not allow for health insurance to cross state lines, the hospital could not charge her insurance and she was forced to pay out of pocket.

The hospitals charge extra if they have to file with insurance companies because it is such a nightmare to deal with them. The hospital could only negotiate their bills, but when my daughter got the bills from the radiologist and the ER doctor, which bill separately, she called their offices and negotiated with them. The thing to keep in mind is that you only have to pay the penalty if you get a refund, because the IRS will simply take it before they give you the refund. I have simply had them take less out of my paycheck and I put that money they would normally have taken out into a savings account to pay any taxes due.

Yes I know what you mean. Mine alone will be 1, Thinking about dropping it. We can Obama this. My husband an I just got our new premium for under Blue Cross…. See my comment posted. I did check for a credit. AND I spoke to someone who told me the same exact thing I already check on. Why should we skimp on buying food and gas for our cars to pay that kind of money.

And we never go to the doctor. It is not fair for us to have to pay for others health coverage who have none. There has to be a better way. Still an unacceptable increase though. Single payer system like other countries have done is the only answer. I lived in France which is single payer. Then there is quality of care no one talks about with single payer. I had immense pain in my jaw for two weeks. The country doctor said I had wisdom teeth at the age of 26 that needed to be pulled.

I have never developed any wisdom teeth. By the time I could see a dentist a three week wait time the pain went away. Then I broke my hand there. Anyone touting single payer have never had to live with single payer. The answer is to realize insurance is for purely catastrophic events and anything else, like check ups, are to be payed out of pocket.

I have not worked for the passed 3 years due to my knees going bad ,so no income to file for taxes. I was first forced on Medicaid for and refuse to have the state of Nevada monitor my checking account I did not receive any medicaid for and This next year I go onto Medicare and the penalty for not affording insurance is scary plus it affected my other plan choicenB, C, D, E ,F etc that I have to buy now that I will be getting state retirement while I wait a year to get Social Security.

I could not use the medicaid due to the scariness of the Recovery Act of Medicaid since I own my home and cars and want my disable son to inherit my house should I passed away before him. This crazy government Obama care is a nightmare. Wonder who will own anything or how families afford to eat, have a place to sleep let alone any clothes to wear.

Never dream this was my so called Golden Year goal is to give all I earned to the government. I am sure the income he had was drawing of of a retirement account, sort of like what I had to do last year while out of work when the jobs dried up. Now since I could not afford insurance for part of the year I am being raped again when I file my taxes because of this ACA penalty. Question regarding where and when to file for the following scenario: We are 62 and My spouse has individual coverage in through marketplace and I am covered by employer.

Just became aware of this. We do not want to go into without coverage for her. My husband is disabled and I work part time. He receives medicare and I have insurance through obamacare. Our income is not increasing but our taxes keep going up.

How is this affordable? My husband and I are in the same boat except I am on disability due to progressive Multiple Sclerosis and not on Medicare yet.

The only way we made it last year was for me to be in a drug trial so I got my meds, doctor visits, etc for free, but it ends in November I need to see so many other specialist but all of our disposable income goes to pay our premiums and so I am just waiting to go on Medicare which is a shame.

Now, we will not be able to pay our premiums in and stay in our home so we will just not have insurance. Our politicians have screwed us and Hilary wants to continue this BS.

And, to all of the defenders of this fraud….. Can he do this?? Can he really do this and get away with it??? How much is it for ?? At what point does someone step in and stop this madness??? Yes he got by with it because idiots listened to him and Pelosi and Reid. Pam, what type of social security is your husband getting? You can only get this tax credit, however, if you apply for health insurance through healthcare.

I suggest that you go here: SETT55, I am not sure where you are getting your information. We have gone through the application process on the website.

Our income is not very high. We only qualify for a small subsidy. That is absolutely insane! The increase takes back what they are crediting. Also no one around here accepts the insurance. Question for a tax professional…What is the penalty amount going to be if 1 Filing Joint only husband and wife 2 Wife does not have a job 3 Husband does work, but his employer pays for his health-care, but not hers 4 Husband cannot afford to add her to the policy.

AND, that includes all Airfare, Hotel, and travel expenses. For example, expected Mothers are gong abroad to deliver their children. Mark, The filing status does not matter with healthcare, it is the total household income.

If the working spouses plan exceeds 9. You are fined per person that does not have insurance. The ones that have insurance are not fined. The tax year fine has not yet been set. Maybe you can qualify under one of those exemptions and skip the fee for not having insurance for your wife.

Unfortunately employer coverage is considered affordable for the entire family as long as the employee only premium meets the affordability requirement. Dependents do not qualify for any subsidy if the employer offered coverage meets the requirements.

I am in the exact same scenario. The employee-only plan at my employer is reasonable — same cost as the 2. However, adding my spouse increases the monthly premium 3. So if I buy the employee-only premium, will my wife still be hit with the 2. Obamacare passed into law when both the Senate and the House of Respresentatives were controlled by the Democratic Party.

No member of the Republican Party voted in favor of Obamacare. Yes, I will be voting republican this year.. I am an independent, but I did vote for Obama and was all for Obamacare until I found out that we are getting raped by the insurance companies. It was not only Obama but the whole congress party majority Republican that change and voted for this BS.

And yes, this is extortion by organized criminals worse than the Mafia , in my opinion. My husband lost his job back in and I did without insurance for over 4 years because of house payments and bills and food that were priority. He is working now and I am losing my job.

My utility and insurance bills have gone up so it will be even harder to pay for medical insurance. I do not like Trump, but I will vote for him if he repeals Obamacare.

No republican voted in favor of obamacare. The bill passed in when democrats were in control of the senate and house of respresentatives. I just checked my premiums for I had been receiving free care but when I went to have my tax done the preparing took Yes, it is right because you have a choice to either do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you, unile Obamacare you are forced to get it or pay a penalty….

Pretty soon, we will be penalized for not taking shower everyday… water companies will prove this. This IS the tipping point for America!!! This is not fair at all. Why do I have to get penalized just because I do not have insurance? I take care of my self. I eat healthy food. What do I need insurance for?

I have always liked Obama but because of this, but I wont be voting for Democrats this year to get this crazy thing repealed. I really hope that next president will revoke this nonsense! Did you pay attention in history or political science? Once it has become law, as with the Affordable Care Act, only Congress can undo it. And a question for you — if healthy people are seriously hurt in a car accident, who pays for their treatment? You see, some people do take responsibility for things that happen to them.

I know I would, or my family and friends would see to it that my bills would be paid. This argument that any accident or emergency room visit is never paid for is a straw man. Most decent people pay for their care. That makes no freaking sense. As a society, we decided that if you happen to get really sick or get in a bad accident yes it happens to people who exercise and eat healthy food , we are not going to leave you to die on the street.

And for that, you must pay into the system. Pretty much no government at all. There is a gap here that needs to be addressed for these high cost deductibles. I work in the industry. The hospitals are doing well. Big Pharma is doing very extremely well, and they have incredible influence.

The act was closed to pages which our government admitted to not reading through and there is room for improvement. I will tell you that I see many getting insurance who have not paid anything into the system. Those in the middle class have paid into it and I am concerned there will be nothing for them when it is time to access.

They seem to be the ones getting rich during Obamacare! Am I going to get penalized for not having insurance for the rest of ? Loss of health insurance because of loss of job qualifies you to get insurance through obamacare without waiting.

I have always voted democratic, however, this year because of the penalties obamacare has put on the working class, I will vote republican in order to get obamacare repealed. I will just hope that the powers that be will have some kind of control over crazy ideas. Us American people should have paid better attention to the obamacare issues, but, when you are working 2 jobs and have a family to raise, there is very little time left, which our government knows.

Now this spread out on everyone: YOU put us here, sh! Anyone know what happens if you have one child over 18 that does not carry insurance because his paternal father did not do it? Should you just let him claim himself going forward to avoid paying fine on entire households income?

That could be a cheaper option as individual penalty can be less than family. But does he file a tax return? Also he cannot be claimed as a dependent and get all the benefits and file an individual return. I am exactly in that situation.

Here is the catch 22…… he has NO income,, so when he tried to get Obama care they told him to try for Medicaid.. I claimed him because of this and granted it helped my taxes to declare him, but I had to pay dollars for his not having insurance.

This year same thing— I paid several thousand in doctor bills.. I am a 64 yer old retired womane who worked my whole life. I have paid out of pocket for care for my son as he tries to get employment. Neither he or I have ever received any welfare or similar things…yet they are penalizing me like this.

In order to pay what I owe.. I will have to take more money out of my retirement savings. You needed to go another way. Coverage for him could have been received under the ACA with discounts but only if you talk with someone that knows the law. Let me know if you want to know more. And now I have to pay a fine in top of that!

What happened to only getting penalized for not having it at all. Hi, I work as a union laborer. I was sent a letter in the mail stating I was covered for 8 months. How dare he make Americans pay NOT to have health insurance.

Thankfully, this socialist, enemy coddling , capitalism hating, America hating and I could go on will be gone soon. People pay into SS, taxpayers pay for welfare for lazy people and illegals; ultimately, Obama has screwed hard working Americans. No, Obamacare is a facist program. All these billions are not going to the government, they are going to the private health insurance companies. The corporate owned government forced this on us so that billions of our tax dollars are transferred directly to the giant heath insurance companies.

Vote For Trump if you want obamacare repealed. Pretty soon, we will be penalized for not taking a shower everyday. Hay B O Barack Obama your insurance sucks to expensive and covers nothing by the time you reached the deductible your broke.

We people need to show these heartless people who the boss is. I did say the same thing.. I recently joined HealthCareMinistry.. Sharing program…better donate money for a good cause then to this moron.. So he did what he did I guess…but why make the premiums and deductibles go so high?????? He aimed this on lower income class…so they would get off free…all for votes!

Shame on the bastards that even came up with Obamacare. So many lives have been affected by this. We now need to decide which bills can wait and which ones need to be paid, how we will be able to pay rents, mortgages, cars, insurance.. Bring on the fines. I will not pay into this bullshit system. I pray that Obamacare is repealed and replaced with a more suitable plan and that it happens very quick. Why in the world is health insurance being funneled through the workplace in the US???

Auto insurance is not done like this. This is TERRIBLE for businesses and also gives larger companies an unfair advantage by creating higher costs percentage wise on the smaller businesses. Why should someone working at a larger company having cheaper insurance than someone at a smaller company. Again no sense at all.

It also creates a massive amount of paperwork that slows down company operations. Take businesses out of the health insurance equation! Keep the insurance markets unsubsidized and have it be individual point of sale. THEN…maybe we could afford coverage and balance things backwards. I agree that keeping people from healthcare who have health issues is wrong…the only thing worse is THIS nightmare. This is Bull, ObamaCare is the biggest joke of this country I have ever seen. It is bull when working people have to put out over Look you worse president of american history, if you wanted to raise taxes you should had just raised them.

Better yet you want to do something good, resign. Middle class suffers from your bullshit and executive orders. You gave it a good run but it seems like your final stretch and decisions are becoming less and less impressive. When I tried to do me tax return I was told that since I only had it 4 mon. I did not have it. I just got penalized and I have insurance!!! My tax lady told me since I made 30, this year and only payed This is all bullshit! What type of coverage do you have?

Denise, she is correct. Sadly, that is correct. You awarded a tax credit based on your income. At the end when you sign your application it lets you know that you when you file your taxes that amount will be compared to the amount entered. But if you recorded more than what you really make, you will be owed money and that will be added to your tax return.

You should have looked into exemptions, see if you may qualify to avoid fees. Same thing happened to me 2 years in a row. I prepared my own taxes. I make the same as you. One year I paid around Both years, never even used the insurance. Wish I had never got it and just paid the fines instead. I would have thousands of dollars in my bank account that are now forever gone.

I had such good insurance through my workplace before all this and my young adult children were able to be covered through me as well. That is simple, when you initially signed up for the plan, you were asked if you want to take the tax credit off each month of your insurance payment, you chose to do so.

At the end of year, when your actual income was higher than your estimated income that was stated on healthcare. You could corrected this situation by logging back into healthcare. It would have adjusted the remaining tax credit you were owed which of course was less than your initial signup. How is the penalty calculated if out of a family of four, only one parent was without insurance for the whole year? We did not qualify for subsidies, but insurance and deductibles were so expensive for just one of us and children.

I hope someone does come along to answer your question. Zee — So two answers. First the individual mandate is based on individuals.

In general, the annual payment amount is the greater of a percentage of your household income or a flat dollar amount, but is capped at the national average premium for a bronze level health plan available through the Marketplace. Jess — If you are below the poverty level you should get subsidies via the premium tax credit. Or you may be able to claim a hardship exemption as outlined in the post.

Nobody seems to understand a key reason for the trouble the world is in today. This had never happed in all of human history until after Keep on having those babies and adding to the planets troubles! So we really need to get answers and solutions toward dealing with a huge population.. Healthcare the BEST solution is to find ways to increase the number of people educated in working in those fields perhaps paying off student loans over time for work in free clinics or finding some way of increasing the number of teachers and classes in the healthcare field- implementing high tech classses online classes testing etc to effectivly bring good teachers to a higher number of students in a shorter amount of time — In EFFECT increase supply so the cost can come down.

Reduce the amounts of tort claims while possibly increasing the number getting more people damaged by negligence defect etc relief while putting that relief in more realistic amounts so that the companies that insure against those type claims can more affordably insure your providers.. Socialists have never had effective solutions!!

If someone puts just a few ticks on a goat and send it scurrying a 20 mile path toward you — you end up with a goat that is pretty healthy and prolly a few healthy ticks — same situation but this time they cover the goat with ticks — you better look out cause only the ticks with be coming and they will be coming for you! YOur comment has nothing to do with the lies we were told about Obamacare, the prices or the penalties.

This is bull crap! Where is out rights! Affordable health act is anything but affordable!!! And the insurance is useless!! How in the world can a working family afford this?? We need change America!! We have no choice but to pay the fines for not having insurance. We can in no way pay these outrageous rates. It is terrible and I can not fit it into our budget no matter how much I cut.

How will the IRS know whether I had coverage in or not? What if I just lie and check the box that says I was covered? Are they really going to take the time to verify million tax returns health coverage info?

Yes, the IRS will verify. You might not get penalized right away but will receive a letter by the end of the year with the fee you owe for not having insurance as well as penalties…. How unamerican, selfish and duplicitous of them. My premiums tripled after Obsmacare in I can no longer afford it and will cancel coverage.

Meaning does it meet the minimum coverage amount or whatever? So confused do to an over sight my wife and I lost health coverage at the beginning of this year…found out in August that my coverage was dropped through my employer….

You will pay for the months that there was not coverage. There are short term gap exemptions if she went no more than 2 months without coverage. Hey Jerry, if your lapse in coverage is 3 months you will not owe a penalty and if you lost your insurance involuntarily you will not owe a penalty.

America protest by not paying into the so called affordable care act system. I can no longer afford it …can you?

Maybe if we all quit the system they will listen? The end is nearer than when we first began. One world government will soon be upon us…think about it. They will try to scare us into believing we need one world government control. Now we have have chips in our credit cards. I cannot afford that anymore. I only wish everyone understood that this is just the beginning of what many of us knew would become a disaster. The premiums everyone must pay for that type of non coverage, coverage is a tax!!!

That, my friends- is not insurance. It seems more like Mafia protection money. We have to pay money and not have coverage- or we will be penalized for not having coverage. My apologies to the Mafia. Again, I am so very sorry about your situation. I wish you blessings and good changes so that you will have the required coverage. Our premiums doubled and our deductible increased substantially.

I hold the Democrats solely responsible for this mess. They need to own up to it. It needs to be undone! We could have had laws passed that improved the holes in our insurance laws, we never needed government medical insurance.

They could have made pre-existing conditions against the law, and they could have made it possible to keep your adult children on your policy without penalty until they were 26 without this fiasco.

It was forced down our throats with a Democratic controlled congress and senate December The health care act is not a democratic thing the model was built around what Mitt Romany did in Massachusetts and the bill that Rand Paul introduced then it was taken from there I am not a Democrat or republican I vote for the candidate that I think fits my core believes the costs are driven by the drug companies and insurance companies until we stand up and take notice that these companies make our seniors chose between eating or buying there medicine that is the true travesty of the real problem.

All my professional life I worked for companies that provided insurance at no cost or very little cost to me. I am now working for about half of what I was making before, no benefits at all, no holiday pay, no sick time, nothing. I have to pay rent, utilities, phone, car payment, auto and renters insurance. By the time the feds and the state take their slice of my income, I am running in the red every month.

I have also noticed the incredible increases by the insurance companies on the deductibles and OOP limits. Last year, when I filed my taxes, I had been on unemployment for the entire year. Not only did I not get the paltry refund on my taxes, but I had to pay additional because of the Obamacare penalties. Helping the middle class ….. The government has no business being involved in the insurance business. This is how the elite rob those that barely have their head above water to keep them struggling or to make them even poorer….

They raise taxes to take care of the deficit you create by receiving healthcare and not paying for it. Americans complain too much.

If you are truly that broke, the state has programs that will help subsidize, if you cannot get subsidy and they tell you, you are making too much to get help, then guess what?

It is simply that this is not a priority for you. Stop whining, be responsible and grow up! This is basically a catastrophic policy with a high premium or in my opinion a tax.

I do not blame Obama, I blame our government as a whole for allowing it to happen. People must stand together to oppose this…. From what I was told, these plans are geared towards low income students. And the worst part is the whole family is penalized…. But no… if one person has it offered, nobody gets help paying. This entire system is BS. I can tell ur one that has the easy life.

Not to mention I do get sick and its cheaper for me to go to any other doctor than what shit care wants me to go to. This is so far from true its disgusting. Lets set up a quick scenario of child support.. The only assistance program I have found that takes child support into consideration is day care.

So my husband pays around a year in child support. That money never enters into our household but it is considered our income. Both of our both of our car payments together are almost less then what he pays in support a month.

Our rent is less. We also have no cable and straight talk phones. We receive no food stamps or other government assistance programs. We MAY qualify for a 9 dollar premium reduction a month on our insurance.

Its not that we choose not to its because we literally do not have extra dollars a month. Would you like us to give up our home, a vehicle, maybe we should stop buying toys, clothing, and food for our children and ourselves and then well be able to afford the insurance every month that we still wont be able to afford. I got strep throat a few months back and paying the 85 dollars for the doctor visit had to come out of savings and its not even a 3rd of what our premium would be for a month.

How you can look at the system and not realize it is broken. Some Americans were raised to work their very hardest and not take handouts. We have both worked since we were Him even sooner then that. My father watches my son because we cant afford daycare. Our only hope is that soon I will get a state job and get a pay raise and afford the insurance that is offered and be able to put my son in daycare so I can lessen the burden to my father who is a retired disabled veteran of 20 years.

I do not know the circumstances of your life or of your family but do realize that there are Americans truly suffering from this. We have no choice in taking the penalty because its still less then what paying for insurance would cost. Yes Yes Yes, life is very difficult. Try being the single parent. When I add up basic living, rent to live in sub-stand housing , electric, car, auto insurance. So what are we to do? I agree we should never be forced to consume a product especially one that only harms us and takes away our ability to provide true needs to our children and ourselves.

I still have to pay the dam pinalty. I do agree with you Lou La. But have you looked at the amounts you need to make in this country to get help? We are a family of 4 I use to work so we never had this problem but I recently got hurt had major back surgery and according to my doctor I can no longer work.

I am still better off then some yes agreed I at least have a roof over my head. As an owner of a vehicle, one of the smartest things you can do is insure your House insurance often protects the largest portion of your net worth.

One of your most important investments is your home. We can help you find the policy that is right for Life insurance money can be used to cover burial costs, replace a lost income, cover any oustanding debts, pay off a mortgage, cover college or educational expenses, and much more.

Make sure your family is protected, starting Having business insurance will protect that company that you worked so hard to build. Your business means a lot to you and we understand that. Business owners face diffcult situations every day. Your business needs to be protected today to face the uncertain future with Combine that with a Home Auto discount and watch the savings go higher. Just complete the form below and see how much you could save:. Company plan to Launch new product Company today announced to launch its new product by the end of april.

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