Antz 2: The Return of the Colony

Portland, OR Keller Auditorium 7: NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has successfully performed the last in a series of four targeting maneuvers that set it on course for a January encounter with MU All systems remain healthy and the spacecraft continues to transmit data stored on its digital recorders from its flight through the Pluto system in July.


His stand-up specials average about an hour, minus about 15 minutes. This keeps shows roughly 65 minutes long. His shows are usually only standup, with no video footage or other elements to change the pace. An American Express card is required for purchase as well as an active account with TicketMaster. The online resource collects local and publically announced presales in one convenient location.

Presale tickets are not widely available for this show aside from these two main sources. You need an account with Presale Passwords Info as well as Ticketmaster for purchase. Here you can find all his press contact details. For management related inquiries, you may contact Dave Becky and Dave Miner, the collaborative management team Ansari works with at 3Arts.

Contact either or both at dbecky 3arts. For standup related inquiries, you may have the best luck reaching standup booking agent Mike Berkowitz. Berkowitz is a very high profile comedic agent, who also works with the very popular Amy Schumer. Contact Mike Berkowitz at mberkowitz papnewyork. Where else can I follow Aziz Ansari? The show is wrapping up its sixth season and has just been renewed for a seventh in March Ansari plays conceited and deluded pseudo playboy Tom Haverford, which is not entirely unlike his charismatic standup personality.

Ansari talks a lot about acting and show business in his onstage bits, for he is a bit famous for playing a lot of small bit roles in big budget films as well as his odd relationship with hip-hop and pop musician Kanye West. The comedian is also playing a small role in the upcoming high profile comedy, Date and Switch, which also features fellow Parks and Recreation cast member Nick Offerman.

He mixes sometimes faux-scientific research, personal experiences and audience experiences with entertaining and thought-provoking results. While this could have the risk of becoming too preachy, he never does. After watching the show again seven months later, I still find myself appreciating what I saw.

His show at Wealthy Theatre Thursday night — the first of two sold-out performances — was an amusing, if not always uproarious, long-term essay on the topic.

A good chunk of it singled out text messaging as an ineffective, if not downright useless, means of communicating with a potential romantic partner. Wednesday February 6 Medford, MA Chevalier Theatre 7: Thursday February 7 Friday February 8 Saturday February 9 Thursday February 14 Friday February 15 Saturday February 16 Sunday February 17 Wednesday February 20 Thursday February 21 Friday February 22 Saturday February 23 Sunday February 24 Tuesday March 5 Wednesday March 6 Thursday March 7 Toyota has announced new 8- and speed automatic transmissions that will be coming to replace a number of 6-speed and CVT units it currently uses, and we could see one of them feature in the new Corolla iM.

The current Corolla iM has only been on sale here since , with it originally arriving with a Scion badge. However, the car has been on sale elsewhere since so is due for renewal. It currently comes with a standard 6-speed manual and available CVT.

The sole powertrain is a 1. News VW poaches Apple executive for self-driving car Industry January 10, Jaguar-Land Rover to cut 4, jobs worldwide Industry January 10, Ford GT to wear historic liveries for Rolex 24 at Motorsports January 10, This is the future, today. The mid-size pickup truck pace-setter. Auto Shows Auto Shows Detroit. EST on Wednesday, Nov. EST on Wednesday indicating the final targeting maneuver went as planned.

The maneuvers didn't speed or slow the spacecraft as much as they "pushed" New Horizons sideways, giving it a 57 meter per second mile per hour nudge toward the KBO. That's enough to make New Horizons intercept MU69 in just over three years. The science team hopes to explore even closer to MU69 than New Horizons came to Pluto on July 14, which was approximately 7, miles 12, kilometers.

The KBO targeting maneuvers were the mission's largest and longest, and carried out in a succession faster than any sequence of previous New Horizons engine burns.

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