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Bland introduced a bill in the House to resume coinage of the standard silver dollar. Linderman desired to involve the western mints of San Francisco and Carson City in production in order to help reach the monthly quota necessary under the Bland—Allison Act. Please enable JavaScript on your browser , then try again. This is to protect both parties.

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Check out our other items! Please read details for additional information. Visual appearance Blanco is a pure tequila with a shiny crystal color. Bouquet Blanco is complex and generously endowed with enticing floral and herbal aromas. Taste Delicate and harmonic, its savory palate is loaded with fruit, agave spice and citrus notes on an extended finish. Body Velvety and palate wrapping. This smooth, spicy tequila is aged 4 to 6 months in American white oak barrels, just long enough to soften its character while leaving the inherent quality of agave unaffected by tannins in the wood.

Visual appearance Golden honey colored tequila that evokes metal shines with bright transparency whose tears descend with elegance down a crystal glass. Aroma Sweet, caramel bouquet as a result of aging time and contact between Tequila and the delicacy of toasted oak. Taste With character to impress from the first tasting. It has a floral, vanilla, spicy agave, citrus taste and a long lasting fruit aftertaste. Body Silky and warm feeling that caresses the tongue. Visual appearance A tequila with a shiny yellow amber look, result of careful aging in toasted oak barrels.

Aroma Delectable bouquet and smoothness with outstanding honeyed sweetness, exquisite fruit, cocoa and citrus aromas combined with the pleasant tone of wood. Taste The palate is spicy with a slightly smoky finish. Finely smooth and sweet with great emphasis on dried fruit and wood with a long and pleasant aftertaste. The agave used in our process is a top quality, due to it coming from the rich red earth of Jalisco. Said soil, apart from being extremely fertile, helps enrich the plant with unique minerals and high sugar content.

In this process, pleasant aromas are generated, which are maintained and refined in subsequent processes to contribute to the final taste of our tequila, which includes citric, fruity and caramel like tones. This juice is the raw material that forms the must for fermentation. Yeast eats sugar and produces alcohol.

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