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Anyway, thank goodness I stuck with it! He was such a gentle soul although he is not a bashful one when it comes to the passion department.

See a Problem?

Warning Don't… contains very explicit sex and language, toys, spanking, bondage and view spoiler [knife play. View all 82 comments. For the first chapter I had to relearn my British a bit, then I was off and running. Both equally, I guess. Hot, sexy, thrilling, edge-of-your-seat stuff here. Yay, whole new genre. The kind of character that has you asking so many questions. Questions to help you understand human nature and response. I love this stuff. Colour flushed my cheeks… "Caged lover.

Jan - Mmmmmm, yeah I really, really like Jan. Sexy, young, intelligent, kind and vanilla in a very, very different world. That was his puller, making you seem like nothing else in the world mattered to him but you. Pity it was only a party trick.. She creates a very full world with constantly moving elements that have your mind so focused you-are-there.

View all 14 comments. Jan 28, Rach rated it really liked it Recommended to Rach by: Thank you gorgeous V for reading this one with me- even if you did leave me behind!! P Where the heck do I start with my review???? The suspense in this book definitely added to the excitement and mystery of the story.

I was gripped wanting to see how the story played out. I swear at one point my nails were digging into my palms so bad they left marks behind!! This led to me feeling sorry for poor Jack, who I think deserved better. Jack- The only downside of the book for me was the way the author switched and changed to various characters points of view.

It confused me to the point I was sat there like I know I may be the only one who found this to be a problem but it did make me extremely frustrated?? Anyway I'm going to shut up before I bore you all even more with my review lol! This song, well the chorus is for you beautiful https: Dec 31, Silkeeeeeereads rated it it was amazing Shelves: To me, this book had all of the characteristics of a Five star book. No, it's not the darkest book ever written but there is enough darkness to wet my appetite.

DON'T do this to me! DON'T do this now! Saw this pic and immediately thought of this book so I had to slap it in here.

View all 12 comments. Jan 28, Shelley rated it really liked it Shelves: Fabulous kinky mind fuckery! Lots of slips of really loud bright colours trying to grab my attention, screaming read me, read me! There are three players in this game and of course the unknown player. The unknown whose voice carries through walls and has eyes and ears everywhere, watching and waiting… whispering.

This breathtakingly gorgeous man has so many facets it boggles the mind. The humble garage owner and mechanic with a hard exterior and gentle touch. Jack seems to ooze a chaotic appeal that will consume your every thought for days. He is an enigma and an open book all at once, a sadist and a masochist, a caged dark kinky devil, always fighting fists-first against reason and order. He scares the hell out of me! And I fucking love him! Jan walks into Jack's garage after a breakdown and the attraction between them fires insta lust.

On the surface Jan seems like a normal city guy, suit and tie, smooth long lines, a vanilla romantic who doesn't do casual. These guys just sizzle together, you can feel it like goosebumps on your skin. They are so hot together His appearance, the timing his whole purpose is a mind fuck. I was freaking out, because just who are you Jan? The writing flip flops from both Jack and Jan's point of view giving the reader only the slightest of clues along the way.

My mind was a constant mass of swirling what if's, what the hell's and holy shit's. It is very well executed and creates a throbbing tension that stays with you even when you stop reading. Every word might have a double meaning, every nuance of a character may be a clue or hint at a serious motivation.

Up until this point the whole thing is such a buzz and then BAM throw in more danger, the greater danger in the form of Gray Raoul. The instigator, the antagonist, the Dom. The one who seems to hold all the cards, makes the rules and enforces them. Older with that slow sexy Richard- Burton voice, all commanding and fierce in presence. Good god, how I would love to display my sins to him. So without giving away too much, it's safe to say that the game played between the three are not as clear cut as it seems.

None of it goes the way you think it will. I'm still not sure if it was a believable scenario or not. But that's a personal opinion. So why only 4 stars? I admit that I am a greedy fussy reader, so it's no surprise when I say I want more. I want Gray, his point of view, more understanding of HIM and his past, his motivations.

There was only one thing I didn't like even though it was almost believable Not the reason for it, just that word. No just NO to that word, but then what other can word can be used to describe that kind of possessiveness? I don't know, I'm not the writer. That being said, I really liked this book a lot. I certainly recommend it. This author is an insta buy for me now. Gripping, intense mindfuckery with the most incredibly deliciously erotic sex scenes ever! View all 25 comments.

Jan 24, Vishous rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't know how to rate this book I don't even know how I really feel about this story.. Only my beloved JACK deserves 5 brilliant stars!!!!!! Oh how I love that man! I love him to bones! Seriously one of my favorite main characters I have ever read! But when it comes to the story I thought it was amazing but I also did not like it some part I just needed to know everything, all the spoilers but I forced myself not to watch them or to find out how will it end and in the end I was glad I didn't I was in torture and I was so frustrated so many times and I never knew how I really felt toward some characters but I just could not put it down!

You never know where you really are with this one. Every time I thought I know what was really going, on the next page it all changed! Toward the end I wanted to cry so many times! I didn't want some things to happen and even though they had some logic in the book not in my head I still didn't like them!

I hated Gray in the beginning and I hated him till the end! I never knew what to really think of him and in the end when I started to love him I hated the fact how the book ended I wanted different ending, I wanted my ending: And I ended up not wanting him in the end of the book I love him to pieces!!!!!

He would be such a delicious dom but given to his past no wonder he needed to be a sub: I loved everything about him! How he dealt with things, how he felt all the time, every thing that came out of his mouth I just wanted for him to be finally really happy and to have what he always wanted from the beginning!

His relationship with Gray I loved it and hated it! It really depended on the chapter. When he took the fault for Jan's actions When he shouted both his and his Master's safe words my heart was broken!

The way he felt I was literally sobbing at that part! The way Jan wanted to learn how to be Gray in Jack's life And it broke my Jack! And only for that I wanted to kill them!!!!! View all 69 comments. Pyke's been doing some narriculture: Curse you Jack Pyke. It didn't make sense!!!!!! Goddamn it why ruin a good book this way? I fucking hate how t So. I fucking hate how this could have been one of my favourite books ever and then it became ordinary.

I might revise this review, because I just finished and my overwhelming sense is of pissiness and rancour. View all 47 comments. Jan 30, Steelwhisper rated it it was ok Shelves: It wants to be a crime thriller and isn't, to be a romance and it delivers an unlikely HFN without a real lovestory, a case study of several personality disorders in which it partially succeeds, and some erotic fantasy based on BDSM which fails on both fantasy and BDSM, and for me on erotic content.

This book is a case study of what happens when an author tries on too much and isn't curbed or set 1. This book is a case study of what happens when an author tries on too much and isn't curbed or set right again by a good editor or excellent beta-readers. It could be a perfect case in point for Jesse Wave's post here: I baulked at that blog post mentally when it was published, but while reading "Don't" I suddenly realised that a huge part of my OTT reaction was due to what Wave and her reviewers describe, an overdose.

I don't expect anyone writing ebooks by the dozen to come up with works such as The Charioteer or Maurice or The Single Man, but I want to read something solidly edited, solidly constructed and plotted, and also--to which I come later--to be respectful of its audience.

Volume One , which are examples of similar topics, similar worldbuilding, similar attempts at insight and depth into BDSM and challenged minds, without succumbing to quick fixes or shouldering more than advisable.

Additionally it also made me rather angry in parts, and reading reviews, I saw I am not the only being that much alienated.

I will try to explain that as well. But first things first: I know not every reader pays attention to them. I do however, because after a while certain things really start to grate. You find it in both descriptions and dialogue, and I have see above and Jesse Wave read it by now in such an abundance, that I wince when coming across it. These expressions were new and exciting the first few times I read them, but when they come from an endless row of authors in always the same sauce of sex scenes they get as irritating as the famous purple prose of early Harlequin novels.

Shorthand expressions like e. I'll just about accept it still for a fist around an object similar to palming something, but I'm rapidly being turned off that as well.

I'm also so over "saluting" or "standing to attention" penes. There are more such cliches, in this book as well as in others, but this should illustrate what I mean. There are even pitfalls with new or rare terms, in this book it was for instance "taint", which is the correct anatomical term, yet so quaint it manages to pull me out of the narrative every single time. Another really obnoxious mannerism adopted by far too many authors is dialogue which leaves out the pronouns: Heh, and if you are British and use British SPaG then an ass is a four-legged animal, and an arse is the part people sit on.

Yes, I grasped it after the first spate of profanities and f-bombs from Jack that he is working class, male and vulgar. This especially because he is also said to be educated enough to maintain a larger business. I recommend this short story for a superior example of how an author can portray criminals and people of a low class or social standing while staying perfectly respectful of them and keeping them deeply human.

And that while still managing to make clear who and what they are. This is the very short version. It is here that a good editor or solid beta would have begun working with the author.

Any of the non-romantic sub-plots and the romance plot s would have sufficed to make a good, interesting novel. They both heed the adage that less is more. I actually sat there at the end of it and had a big WTF? Plot devices, tired tropes and where respect fails: Because how else could someone come over as acceptable as a male sub and love interest unless he also is Superman on the sly? Working class men are vulgar, speak and think in profanities and manage to shed that only if they enter the white-collar world of banking and accounting.

But what really got my goat badly this time: Be it PTSD due abuse or rape, be it being so brainwashed by prior Dominants as to be dysfunctional, be it some personality disorder or someone is suffering from a serious mental illness.

What if in romances about divorced women, all of these women were divorced because they suffer from a disorder like alexithymia or bulimia? What if in romances with PoC all of them are drug addicts or recovered drug addicts?

Or former gang members? Maybe even very sexist or racist? So how come it is such an uncontested fashion these days to portray BDSMers as mentally ill or suffering from some disorder or having been abused as a child? Propaganda and advertisements are proof it works.

So why should we like authors putting us consistently back into the loony bin? We have a dearth of stories which portray the actual abuse happening within the lifestyle and address it properly. One of the sentences Gray utters tells me that it is very likely that Mrs.

Kaufman, who was Mrs. There are kink-friendly therapists, but that only means they will take patients who are in the lifestyle and they will not be judgemental about it.

Therapy itself will be entirely conventional. I doubt even a post-graduate student would dare infringe. Literally and to the point of being repeatedly described. With which I come to the story and the characters themselves. Jack brushed me against the grain right away, not with his OCD mannerisms, nor with his curious behaviour regarding those commands, instead it was that incessant coarse vulgarity, inside and outside, and the fact that it was obvious early on he was either lying or cheating.

His moments of alleged humour came over as taking advantage of the people in his care, or not being very mindful of them. That was underlined by the fact that he put his private pleasures before his work and responsibilities. He behaved with an increasing amount of selfishness, and I simply disbelieved he had fallen in love with Jan or even properly in lust either. Jan had an inner voice so similar to that of Jack, just minus a few f-bombs, that I found myself often having to check which one I was reading.

He was if anything even less believable and a few things about his background really made no sense, e. The way he interpreted being a Dom made him instantly bottom of the barrel at that point. Gray was a straight arse, no ifs, no buts.

Let it suffice that given the backstory it would have been easy to behave properly, instead of taking advantage of a teenager in need of a shrink and some care. I accept that it very unfortunately is a consistent trope the moment you mention BDSM in fiction. But it would be helpful to at least get the BDSM really right.

It for example makes no sense at all that they all are so OTT about safety and HIV protection, but then have a completely inexperienced man whip another man across the back without any protection. Given that they have a whole hospital there, and state of art, expensively carved St.

Andrews crosses you'd think such a club of billionaires would be able to afford a couple of leather guards against injuries. Especially with a circle which maintains it does Dom-training! An x-shaped cross is called a St. Just check comments of lifestylers regarding the movie "Secretary" and you'll see that few of us like to--again--be put into the same drawer as people with mental disorders.

What kills me though is the lack of consent over large stretches of this story and the fact that everything is about punishment, and nothing enjoyable. First off, contracts of this type are not valid. I wished authors would cease to treat them as if they were. Secondly, forced compliance equals quite simply no consent at all. As Danny pointed out in his review, there was no consent from that moment onwards.

In fact, there was even planned rape when Jan and Gray waylaid Jack at the dojo. He had safeworded prior to that, and so sorry, if you make such a brouhaha about safewords, then you have to own up to the rape you have your characters commit later.

As Danny also pointed out, there was a lot which was very curious about the relationships. For one thing sleeping with multiple partners is something you talk about, for it not to be cheating. There was no agreement in that department between Jan and Jack. For another sex is not necessarily a condition of BDSM play. A lot is played without sexual interaction, precisely if and when people play with each other who are not partners.

The denouement was actually more a complete falling apart of the story. Scenes of drinking and lassitude which were much overdone, a killer completely pulled from the hat, a rape we are supposed to believe is a making up between all parties, a sudden triad as a tacked-on HFN and an end which petered and finally ended somehow.

There was no true resolution, no real lovestory, no believable crime plot or thriller. All that said… This story had potential and some of the ideas were quite interesting, such as for instance the CCTV surveillance by an invisible man who caters to the submissive streak of another. That was well-nigh brilliant and would have worked very nicely all on its own, with a good lovestory thrown in, much less vulgarity, less attempts to give a Hitchcock here which would have spared us all the mental illnesses except maybe the OCD which was well-done in my opinion and a lot less general bloat.

That would have made it three plot lines: View all 36 comments. Three important words you should keep in the back of your head while reading this Forget about trying to figure it out, just let it flow over you. You're fucked if you try. It is quite humorous at times which is a nice break from the intensity.

Characters are reasonably well developed given the genre. The psychological aspect is inconsistent but if you're only marginally familiar with psychology you'd never pick up on it.

Writing is sharp, almost stream of conscious-y at times. It took some adjustment at the onset but I soon settled into the flow of it. At any rate, a highly enjoyable read. I'll look forward to the next offering by this new author. View all 5 comments. Jan 30, Debra rated it it was amazing Recommended to Debra by: I do have a greater appreciation for Gray and the way the relationships turned out, but I still don't like him for his whole handling of the situation.

I liked Jan even more and what can I say about Jack besides that I so love him. Can't wait for Antidote next week. Other reviews out there break down the story without giving much away. Enjoyed the many twists and turns. So much character driven emotion. It's dark and sexy relying heavily on the BDSM theme , but there is so much more as we dive into the relationships between the three MC's and their individual layers. There are heart stopping moments, but at the same time moments where I felt myself tearing up.

I'm not sure how I feel about the end, but I really do need a sequel to explore where things could go. View all 7 comments. Sep 01, Katerina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Had just to read the best parts again. And of course the beginning. I can't help it. Otherwise I've always held out until Christmas. This year the longing for Jack is particularly bad. So I have to do it. And in this case, I'll give myself time.

There's nothing I'd rather read. This book series tells one of the most exciting stories I've read. But we already know that. It has rarely happened to me that a written work incapacitates me to fall asleep late at night or leave me awake in the early morning hours because I have to think about the fictional characters as if these were real people out of my life.

I spent days getting to know them, to understand how they think and feel. And in this sense I became acquainted with them and I have learned to love them. And it is this love to them that makes all the suffering hardly bearable which happens to them. And they have a lot to endure. In the course of this series we get presented details from their lives. How they get to know each other and how skilled manipulation influenced their lives and how all of this leads to a pure fight for survival.

Antidote was perhaps the emotionally most devastating part for me. The painful healing process in Breakdown is definitely a special favorite of mine. I was hoping that Backlash would bring some peace to our triangle I love this series so damn much And sorry, there will be nothing better for me Re-read in December For the umpteenth time. And I can't put it into words Jack is simply the best. And that's just only for you, my dear. Since this series is my favorite series.

Was, is, always will be - is it time to confer appropriate expression. It's difficult to describe. The complexity, ingenuity, the longlasting reverberations I can't give my deep feelings for these books the right weight in a foreign language. I want to say that this book series is my personal reading highlight. And with highlight I mean in terms of earth-shattering.

And then for a while nothing else. Before then queuing my other favorites. And since my German review can be understood only by a few, I want my English words underlie with some pictures. I have now read this series the third time. And I hardly expect that the author continues the story of Jack, Gray and Jan soon Was soll ich sagen? Kann ein Buch noch besser werden?

Nicht 5 Sterne sondern ein ganzer Sternenhimmel. Die Don't Serie ist meine persönliche Nr 1. Für immer und ewig. Und obwohl ich viele andere, ebenfalls sehr emotionale Bücher gelesen habe, sticht Don't trotzdem heraus. Ich habe Jack wirklich bewundert. Die Gefühle, die er vermittelt, haben mich wortwörtlich angesprungen und umgerissen.

Und wie schon beim ersten Mal habe ich gestaunt, was er da alles schluckt grins. Ich hätte das nicht geschafft. Ich wäre zu verletzt gewesen. Und nach unzähligen Wutanfällen wäre ich von der Bildfläche verschwunden. Ich wäre nicht zurückgekommen. Von daher gibt es überhaupt keine Einwände.

Ich habe es wirklich sehr genossen und konnte das Buch aufgrund der hohen Spannung auch nicht mehr aus der Hand legen, nachdem ich es einmal angefangen hatte. Und obwohl es da ist, ist es doch nocht vordergründig. Kennst du eines, kennst du alle. Mir ist es nicht gelungen, sie vom Gegenteil zu überzeugen. Als ich das Buch nun zum zweiten Mal gelesen habe, ist mir noch stärker als beim ersten Lesen aufgefallen, wie versteckt und trotzdem immer präsent die BDSM Elemente sind.

Es ist nur schwer zu beschreiben. Aber es ist definitiv anders, als in anderen Büchern dieses Genre Die Menage a trois Ich meine damit nicht, dass ich diese nicht mochte alle drei Jungs sind der Hammer und ich möchte sie gern glücklich miteinander sehen - keine Frage Es ist eher so, dass die Reibungspunkte der drei mich permanent angespannt und in inneren Zwiespalt versetzt haben. Ich fühlte mich emotional stärker mit Jack verbunden.

Und an seiner Stelle hätte ich vor lauter Eifersucht keinen klaren Gedanken mehr fassen können. Die Eifersucht und Verletztheit hätte mich schlichtweg zerrissen. Ein Master Sub Jack - anbetungswürdig , der in seinen Dom Gray - Mister Geheimnisvoll und Dunkel verliebt ist diese uneingestandene Liebe beruht auf Gegenseitigkeit - und der Schlüssel ist - uneingestanden lässt sich auf eine gewöhnliche Liebesbeziehung zu einem Finanzberater Jan ein.

Jack ist Besitzer einer Autowerkstatt und hat ein Problem mit seiner Aggressionsbewältigung. Jan besitzt einen schönen, alten Jaguar, der mit einem Defekt liegen geblieben ist, und die beiden begegnen sich in Jacks Werkstatt.

Die gegenseitige Anziehung ist sofort da und es dauert nicht lang, bis sie in der Kiste landen und sich auch noch ineinander verlieben. Jan hat bis vor Kurzem in einer eher unglücklichen Beziehung gelebt sein Ex war verheiratet, hatte zwei Kinder und hat sich nie offen zu ihm bekannt. Dann nimmt die Geschichte auch schon volle Fahrt auf. Nach einem Streit und einer Handgreiflichkeit steht Jan überraschend in Jacks Schlafzimmer, um ihrer Beziehung eine zweite Chance zu geben.

Und da fallen ihm auch fast die Augen aus dem Kopf. Das bedarf einer Erklärung. Die Gray ihm in einem unter vier Augen Gespräch auch liefert. Mir ist mehr als nur einmal ob der Behandlung eines Subs die Galle hochgekommen. Oh je, das hat mich ganz schön in Rage gebracht und ich habe mich gefragt, ob ich womöglich auch an meiner Aggressionsbewältigung arbeiten sollte. Also ehrlich, wofür das Ganze? Ich persönlich hätte Jan einen Vogel gezeigt und wäre wutschnaubend abgedampft.

Jacks Leben wird im Weiteren durch einen skrupellosen Mörder bedroht Thrilleranteil. In seiner Verzweiflung wendet er sich an Gray - seinen Master-Dom - und muss mitansehen, wie dieser sich gerade mit Jan vergnügt - alles unter dem Vorzeichen seines "Trainings".

Kurz davor hat Jack eine Bestrafung kassiert, weil er Jan für seine Naivität zu decken hatte und Jan im Leben keine Bestrafung mit der Peitsche ausgehalten hätte. An dieser Stelle Jan mit Gray war für mich Schluss mit lustig. Dafür hätte ich im Leben kein Verständnis mehr aufbringen können. Wie Jack es schafft, sich das letztendlich schönzureden? Nee, da konnte ich nicht mehr mitgehen.

Gut, Jack bekommt danach auch einen schrecklichen Ausraster, doch am Ende: Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen zu dritt. Ich hätte weder Jan noch Gray verzeihen können. Sollen sie doch miteinander glücklich werden, jedoch ohne mich. Jans Entwicklung ist für mich nicht komplett nachvollziehbar und wirklich realitätsfern. Owohl er anfänglich schon recht selbstbewusst daherkam. Sein ellenlanger Monolog am Ende, um Jack und Gray zu erklären, dass die beiden sich lieben, weil sie in zehn Jahren nicht von selbst draufgekommen sind?

Die Situation war zu dem Zeitpunkt explosiv. Jack hatte seinem Master gerade beide Safe Wörter an den Kopf geknallt auch das, was die Sicherheitsleute hätte alarmieren sollen und dann fängt Jan an, von echter Liebe zu labern. Nachdem er scheinbar seine letzten Aktionen nur noch schwanzgesteuert und mit abgeschaltenem Gehirn hingelegt hatte.

Also ich hätte mich an Jacks Stelle längst vom Acker gemacht, so verletzt wäre ich gewesen. Es ist wirklich beeindruckend, was das Buch für Emotionen in mir hochgebracht hat. Wenn man das Gefühl hat, unmittelbarer Beobachter zu sein. Wenn man am liebsten hineinkriechen möchte, um die Figuren zu trösten oder einfach durchzuschütteln ; Dass ich Jans Entwicklung ziemlich beeindruckend finde, ist meine persönliche Wahrnehmung.

Vielleicht empfindet ein anderer Leser es weniger krass. Dass ich an Jacks Stelle noch mindestens zwei weitere Ausraster bekommen hätte teuflisch grins ist meinem überschäumenden Temperament anzulasten. Für mich mit keinem anderen Buch vergleichbar. Ich liebe alle drei Charaktere. Und ich hoffe so sehr, dass die Jungs ihr Happy End bekommen. Pyke ist meine absolute Lieblingsautorin: Die Bücher der Don't Reihe sollten der Reihe nach gelesen werden.

Das Ende jedes Buches stellt für sich genommen zufrieden und birgt ein kleines Happy End. Jan 30, Danny Tyran rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. It stopped all anger, heat. But all anger and heat was who Jack was. And looking at him now, I missed that.

I was very frustrated throughout the reading of this novel. It was clear to me from the beginning of the story that Jan was not dominant. The author also makes clear that Jack fell in love with Jan the minute they met. But Jack fell in love with Jan because he was not a dominant; he was just a good guy, kind, caring, loving, in addition to being very attractive. And this is what has attracted Jack to Jan. Not to lose Jan, who is afraid that Jack will strike him again and threatens Jack to leave him if he does not sign, Jack agrees to sign this cursed contract.

Jan is afraid that Jack hurts him because he lost his temper just once? Who does not deserve a second chance? Who does not deserve the FREE gift of love? And Jack is already in love with Jan, he does not want to lose him the author made that very clear. What follows is a downright rape to me, because at the minute the contract is signed Jan fuck Jack in front of the cold-as-iceberg Gray.

Once at home, Jack is forced by Jan to undress in front of a team of workers and of Gray, even if in the contract, nudity is permitted only in private. Again, Jack leaves Jan do what he wants to him. It is at this time that I wrote to a GR friend of mine to tell her how much I was angry against the author, Gray and Jan.

Any dominant worthy of the name would see that there is something wrong with this scene and he would understand that the signature of the contract is a serious mistake. He finds this situation between Jan and Jack quite normal.

And even a blind man could see that. I should have known better. I had trouble breathing when I read this part of the novel and I was uncomfortable until almost the end of the novel where the characters finally decides that maybe that could be a good thing to talk to each other, to try to understand each other. So, even unintentionally, a Dom can make mistakes that suggest he does not show enough compassion. To know his sub and his past, the dominant generally has no other recourse than to talk with him.

But Gray, who supposedly knows everything about Jack, says almost nothing to Jan who has no common sense to try to find out more, even if he saw that Jack could react with anger when put under stress.

It seems to me that the first thing to do would have been to discuss about it all to know what has caused this reaction. But Jan, who supposedly loves Jack, does not even bother to try to understand him. Easier to act all along like a perfect moron and to use the contract to force Jack to accept all his nonsense. But if they had discussed, there would have been no contract.

And if there was no contract, there would not have any problems or almost no problem that happened next. And if there was no problem, the author would not have had this story to write. About the lack of communication and inconsistency of the story and characters: Apparently, Jack and Gray were in love for 9 years but none of them told the other.

And Gray, who is supposed to nearly see through Jack, would not recognize it too. In addition to all this, Jack is constantly receiving threats from a stranger. Gray, who is a prominent member of MI-5, should have discovered from the beginning of the novel who was the source of these threats and stop it. Besides a little research via the CCTV system to know that this does not happen near the house, it does not seem to bother him much. But I know why Jan acts throughout this novel as a perfect moron, why Jack, who is supposedly a true haywire, leaves Jan act like a jerk to him and why Gray does nothing else than threatening everyone and forcing them to continue under the contract.

This is because otherwise there would have been no story. This novel would not exist! But as soon as they arrived at the dojo, the threesome finds nothing better than to fuck all together! It seems to me that Gray, who is of MI-5, should be wise enough to understand that it is not the moment for it, and to find a faster and more effective means to calm Jack. Again, if the author did not make him act that way, the threesome would not have been found by Alan Shaw, the crackpot of all crackpots, who wants to kill Gray.

How much I understand him! Personally, I do not think Jack has the profile of the guy with OCD and all the psychological defects he is accused to have throughout this story. He loses patience twice in moments of great stress. Jan said towards the end of the novel that Jack is very vulnerable even though he told before to Jess that he was really tough because he was angry at the hotel and he felt uncomfortable not to be able to close his toothpaste tube while he was drunk.

After receiving all the threats he has received without a fuss? I have found him far too calm throughout this story.

I could not have been able to sleep if treated as he was by a serial killer and even by the guy who is supposed to protect him. While he was mistreated by the Jan and Gray, he receives very serious threats and had to prepare the signing of a new important business contract, all at the same time!

I found him extremely strong and courageous. I'd have not been able to sleep in his place. I'd have lost my appetite. No, this guy is definitely not the type psychologically vulnerable that the author wants us to believe.

I do not understand that Jack fell in love with him. Jan mistreated Jack and does not care to talk even a few words with him most of the time. Does he sometimes think before making a decision and acting? It's a real iceberg for two-thirds of the story. Indifferent to what happens to Jack. He communicates if we can say that only by angry glances, threats and with his whips. A good Dom, that! I would not like to have such a guy as my Dom. And all this unlikely band of characters never talks to each other.

They decide to do it at the very end of the novel when Jan explains to everyone why they acted as they did. Gray then called Jan "the interpreter", but no need to have a special talent for understanding what has happened and why that happened.

I understood all this before the contract is signed. Again, if the author makes his characters speak before in his story, his novel would not have existed in its current form. It would have been a quite different novel, probably as exciting, but more satisfactory, because Jan, the interpreter, could have interpreted the situation between Gray and Jack right at the beginning of the story and come much earlier to the same conclusions.

He could have done the same compromise he suggested to Jack and Gray at the end. Not that I believe that there is a chance for such a compromise to stand very long. It takes often a few pages to know for sure. About the message transmitted to us: I do not like the passed on idea that so many doms and subs had a difficult past, that they were harmed or abused, or although they are headcases controlling hardly their reactions.

When the authors are going to write us BDSM stories between people sound and sane in body and mind? Jack laughed when asked if he was fine with needles. As if no masochistic sub had phobia and was absolutely afraid of nothing painful or scary. I am a masochist sub and, if I have no phobia of needles, I do not like at all being pricked at the hospital.

The context is different enough from a BDSM scene so that my reaction is different too. It hurts and I swear when that happens, I do not moan with pleasure. They do, but only at the very end. Given my very emotional reaction after the signing, I cannot say that the author did not disturb me.

But because of this prefabricated context, the inconsistency of the story and characters, I cannot give a higher rating to this novel. View all 35 comments. Jan 06, Simsala rated it it was amazing Shelves: I will do what the guy on the cover suggests - not revealing anything. The book is a huge fucking tease and I think it should stay that way.

Just some technicalities and thoughts For readers who love to figure out who the bad guy is A lot of crumbs through the course of the story but they are all misleading. Character AND plot driven the story is complicated, twisted and requires patience Sometimes it felt like switching between contemporary and some alternative universe but that might be just my imagination Not too violent, not too graphic, not too dark.

Die Kündigung bedarf der Schriftform. Vor Antritt des Arbeitsverhältnisses ist die Kündigung ausgeschlossen. Der Arbeitgeber ist berechtigt, den Arbeitnehmer bis zur Beendigung des Arbeitsverhältnisses freizustellen. Die Freistellung erfolgt unter Anrechnung der dem Arbeitnehmer eventuell noch zustehenden Urlaubsansprüche sowie eventueller Guthaben auf dem Arbeitszeitkonto. In der Zeit der Freistellung hat sich der Arbeitnehmer einen durch Verwendung seiner Arbeitskraft erzielten Verdienst auf den Vergütungsanspruch gegenüber dem Arbeitgeber anrechnen zu lassen.

Das Arbeitsverhältnis endet spätestens mit Ablauf des Monats, in dem der Arbeitnehmer das für ihn gesetzlich festgelegte Renteneintrittsalter vollendet hat. Die Vertragsparteien müssen Ansprüche aus dem Arbeitsverhältnis innerhalb von drei Monaten oder: Für Ansprüche aus unerlaubter Handlung verbleibt es bei der gesetzlichen Regelung. Änderungen, Ergänzungen und Nebenabreden bedürfen der Schriftform; dies gilt auch für die Aufhebung der Schriftform selbst. Sollten einzelne Bestimmungen dieses Vertrages unwirksam sein oder werden, wird hierdurch die Wirksamkeit des Vertrages im Übrigen nicht berührt.

Der Arbeitnehmer verpflichtet sich, dem Arbeitgeber unverzüglich über Veränderungen der persönlichen Verhältnisse wie Familienstand, Kinderzahl, Adresse, Mitteilung zu machen. Zum Schutz des Arbeitnehmers ist der Arbeitsvertrag nicht beliebig gestaltbar. Damit Sie nicht den Überblick verlieren, werden Ihnen hier die wichtigsten Punkte genauer erläutert.

Für Betriebe mit mehr als 10 Mitarbeitern gilt das Kündigungsschutzgesetz. Bei der Anzahl der Mitarbeiter werden Auszubildende nicht mitgezählt und Teilzeit-Mitarbeiter entsprechend ihrer Arbeitszeit angerechnet. Innerhalb der Probezeit gilt jedoch eine kürzere Kündigungsfrist von nur 2 Wochen. Eine kürzere Kündigungsfrist innerhalb der Probezeit kann nur durch einen Tarifvertrag geregelt werden, eine längere Kündigungsfrist als diese 2 Wochen kann aber schon vereinbart werden.

Sie können maximal eine Probezeit von 6 Monaten vereinbaren. Wenn Sie eine längere Probezeit als 6 Monate vereinbaren ist diese kündigungsrechtlich für den Arbeitnehmer ohne Bedeutung. Auch in einem befristeten Arbeitsverhältnis kann eine Probezeit vereinbart werden, so dass innerhalb dieser Probezeit der befristete Arbeitsvertrag ordentlich gekündigt werden kann.

Der Kündigungsschutz für werdende oder stillende Mütter ist im Mutterschutzgesetz geregelt und besagt, dass während der Schwangerschaft und bis z um Ablauf von vier Monaten nach der Entbindung nur mit vorheriger Zustimmung der Arbeitsschutz Behörde gekündigt werden kannn Mutterschutzgesetz Wikipedia-Artikel.

Während einer Berufsausbildung gilt immer eine Probezeit von mindestens 1 Monat und höchstens 4 Monaten, andere Vereinbarungen sind unwirksam. In Betrieben mit weniger als 10 Mitarbeitern gilt ein gesonderter Kündigungsschutz, so dass unabhängig von der Probezeit auch kurzfristig gekündigt werden darf. Für diesen gesetzlichen Mindesturlaub gelten besondere Vorschriften, beispielsweise verfällt dieser Urlaub frühstens nach 15 Monaten.

Vertraglich können Sie natürlich zusätzliche Urlaubstage gewähren. Für diese zusätzlichen Urlaubstage können Sie beispielsweise beim Verfall auch gesonderte Vereinbarungen definieren. Es muss jedoch eine explizite Grenze vereinbart werden, welche auch nicht ca. Beispielsweise kann bei einem Bruttolohn von 3. Oder es kann bei einer 40 Stunden Woche vereinbart werden, dass bis zu 10 Überstunden im Monat automatisch abgegolten sind. Eine generelle Vereinbarung wie beispielsweise "Überstunden sind mit dem Lohn automatisch abgegolten" ist aber unwirksam.

Befristetes Arbeitsverhältnis Wird ein Arbeitsverhältnis befristet abgeschlossen, so gilt es zu einem bestimmten Datum automatisch als gekündigt, ohne dass eine weitere Kündigung gemacht werden muss. Befristete Arbeitsverhältnisse sind bis zu ihrem Ablauf nicht ordentlich kündbar. Besondere Sachgründe erlauben eine längere Befristung es Arbeitsvertrags, beispielsweise: Bei der Neugründung eines Unternehmens ist eine längere Befristung auf vier Jahre möglich, zur Wiedereingliederung von älteren Arbeitnehmern oder wenn nur ein zeitlicher betrieblicher Bedarf herrscht.

Meistens sind befristete Arbeitserträge zeitbefristet. Es kann aber auch eine so genannten Zweckbefristung vereinbart werden. Dann wird der Vertrag gekündigt, sobald ein vorher definiertes Ziel erreicht wurde und zwei Wochen nachdem der Arbeitnehmer die schriftliche Kündigung erhalten hat. Es können keine Ziele definiert werden, mit der der Arbeitgeber selber jederzeit in der Hand hätte den Vertrag zu kündigen.

Beispielsweise wäre die Klausel "Zweckbefristung bis zur Stilllegung der Maschine in der Halle 9"unwirksam. Betriebsurlaub oder Werksferien bedeutet, dass der Betrieb ganz oder teilweise über mehrere Tage oder Wochen geschlossen wird und der Arbeitgeber den Arbeitnehmern in dieser Zeit einheitlich Erholungsurlaub gewährt. Ein Arbeitgeber darf im Rahmen des Direktionsrechts bzw. Diese werden in der Regel in auftragsschwachen oder saisonalbedingten ruhigen Phasen festgelegt um Ressourcen zu schonen.

Betriebsferien sind nicht ausdrücklich geregelt. Es muss aber sicher gestellt sein, dass den Arbeitnehmern ausreichend Urlaubstage zur freien Planung zur Verfügung stehen. Um unnötigen Auseinandersetzungen vorzubeugen empfiehlt sich eine genaue Regelung der Betriebsferien im Arbeitsvertrag.

Dies schafft Klarheit und Planungsicherheit beim Arbeitnehmer. Wir haben Ihnen hier eine Auswahl relevanter Webseiten und weiterführender Literatur zusammengestellt:. Dies gilt jedoch nicht, wenn die Arbeitnehmerin bei Zugang der Kündigung noch nicht wusste, dass sie schwanger ist. Es reicht als Sachgrund nicht aus, dass eine Aufgabe beim Arbeitgeber möglicherweise in Zukunft entfällt. Eine Befristung von bis zu 2 Jahren kann auch ohne Sachgrund vereinbart werden. Sachgründe sind grundsätzlich nur bei längerer Befristung erforderlich.

Grundsätzlich kann zwar in der Probezeit kurzfristig, innerhalb von 2 Wochen, gekündigt werden. Aber hierbei dürfen die Handlungsfreiheit und die Persönlichkeitsrechte des Mitarbeiters nicht angetastet werden. Konkret wurde eine Arbeitnehmerin in der Probezeit gekündigt, "weil sie nach Rauch roch".

Dies hält das Arbeitsgericht für treuwidrig und unwirksam. Konkret ging es um eine Arbeitnehmerin die Facebook-Posts über die Arbeitsweise ihres Unternehmens veröffentlicht hat. Die Pauschaulabgeltung von Überstunden ist unwirksam. Bei Besserverdienenden ab Aufbauend auf unserer jahrelangen Erfahrung im Arbeitsrecht , haben wir Ihnen auf dieser Seite Arbeitsvertrags Vorlagen zusammengestellt, die Sie kostenlos nutzen können.

InStaff steht für die schnelle Personalvermittlung "Instant Staffing" und ist ideal geeignet um temporäre Aushilfskräfte zu buchen oder gute Werkstudenten bzw. Wir bieten dafür einen Pool von über

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