3 Questions to Choose an Effective Domain Name for Your Freelance Writer Website

If you want to be a writer online, you need a website. Nobody’s going to argue with that. As a freelance blogger your website is one of the deciding factors in getting you hired. But choosing the right domain name for that website is a HUGE obstacle for some writers. I’ve seen people dither over.

This is what I do for my writer website. I have been interested in writing extensively since a very young age, writing either poetry, novels, short stories etc. The warmth and encouragement that come through in your writing have helped keep me going.

2. Fitness/Cross Fit/Yoga Teachers

Hi Sophie! Am excited to wear the bookmark tab out for this site! 🙂 This is a great motivating first post – especially for someone like me, who can’t exactly handle the majestic beauty of being both a starting college student AND artist.

I can't see any other reason they would do what they did in terms of reducing the development team size if the intention was to keep the game running "as long as possible", because less content runs contrary to that aim. They were in danger, as Matsui iirc has mentioned this directly in another interview that was published not long ago.

They were rather shocked by how many people were leaving, and altered their plans immediately. They felt the game was dying. Well, who woulda thunk that after announcing the "finale" for FFXI?! Of course people would leave But, imho, it wasn't like someone on board of directors was commanding the game to be shut down - that can't happen so easily to a mainline FF title, especially when Mobile FFXI is nowhere to be seen. It also can't happen because there were still quite a few people playing the game.

They were in danger after they announced the "ending" stuff and scaled their operations down. It's really that simple, and it confuses me that every time this topic comes up some people act like Yoshida is some kind of mustache-twirling villain just looking for a reason to kill off a game he didn't work on. They announced an end to major expansions because their dev software runs on PS2 dev kits and they're running out of working ones.

Of course that leads to people losing interest in the game and leaving. In turn, of course that leads to the game becoming less profitable. So, yes, they cut staff to keep the game profitable Not out of any one person's nefarious intent, but because Square-Enix is a business. Yoshida needs a new console release injection the same way an addict needs another fix.

It's a "heavy rumor" because people on this sub keep repeating it based on nothing. I had a whole conversation about this once with the same conspiracy theorist at the top of this thread, as it turns out. Stormblood brought in the most money yet for XIV, so I don't see this being true at all. We'll see how the next expansion performs pretty soon, I guess. He only mentions that at all because people ask him at every freaking convention he goes to, from literally the moment the PS3 version came out.

Of course the big obstacle has always been the console makers refusing to allow cross-platform play; short of that, why wouldn't he want to expand the game to other platforms? I know it's been stated in another interview somewhere, though there's too much internet to track it down. The summary of Yoshi's statement was, however, that he hoped the game would last that long but he himself didn't see that happening. I don't recall the rationale for the statement, or who knows, it may have just been lost in translation.

Again, that's the gist, not verbatim, but it definitely took me by surprise. There's been several other mentions where he has said he is absolutely interested in taking on other projects, where someone else with the same passion takes over for XIV. That seems fairly reasonable to me, he's been on it for seven-ish years now, and is likely getting a little burned out. This is just a bogus conspiracy theory and has no basis in reality or facts to back it up.

What developer wouldn't want as many people to have access to their game as possible? It doesn't in any way imply anything like "our game is dying we need some BS excuse to inject more players in! Well the game is dying , all i have to see is some of the ghost places in some servers. They added a few servers. They've done no such thing, nor are people that stupid except possibly you, maybe.

You're just making stupid statements with no evidence. There is nothing going on in game that would suggest to anyone that the game is "dying" or significantly shrinking. You are a troll and deserve zero more of anyone's time. I love both games and have active subs to both, and have done so for as long as each has been released in the US. In my experience multiple guilds and many players I know across various linkshells raid and crafting are very much so dying in XIV.

But there could be a lot of new players joining - a community I'm not really in tune with. And I know it's at least decently healthy in that aspect. IMO the game is catering far too much to advertising for new players and not enough for veterans. And Stormblood's unoriginal raid and 24 man are pretty lackluster, imo. And 11 has given much to the foundation of 14, a tremendous, tremendous amount.

Both in races, assets, ideas, and more. I just don't know. It's an experience worth remembering, loving, adoring, and praising. To see it receive such strongarmed opposition is sad. But I can see the business sense. They want 11 players to go to 14, they don't want distractions from 14 and it's pay-shop content, they want 14 to take the limelight. And such a sad way of things; especially after 14 implemented Eureka relatively recently and that served as a homage to FF I'm glad there's been a way to keep the game running, but guess it's on life-support now.

It would take the grandest of miracles to bring it back. The original game was based on ff11 and the intention was to make a game all 11 players would want to goto, this game failed due to being pushed out before it was ready so hilarious given what happened with ff As such they panicked and put Yoshi in charge, who was a sell defined wow fanboy and changed the game to be a wow clone. He even said he never really played or liked 11 much. If Square shit down ff11 all the ff11 players would not goto ff14, the game is basically wow so that would not happen.

They would just lost a mass of players to other games, which is why 11 is still around. Hilariously, ff14 is also going on the slow downward slope of money saving too. Less updates, smaller expansions. I liked Arr the first 4 months and then i cancelled, then retried with heavens ward then cancelled, then stupid me retried with stormblood then canceled i have never liked wow, and to me Arr felt like a wow clone with a ff skin.

I just wish square would have a classic ffxi server to test the waters, with some of the QoL improvements. Of course i would buy a ffxi single player mode , when this game is dead at one point it could happen if square released one.

Tanaka to me is a better game dev than yoshida. And i know people would down vote this even on this reddit. For real, came here curious about playing 11 but the ouright hostility towards 14 is a little offputting.

I started playing FF: But as time went on, hitting the level combat and crafting caps within mere weeks, then having to grind multiple instances every day for a chance for a desired piece of gear, and then repeating it all ad infinitum every time the iLv cap was increased XIV quickly lost its charm for me. I quit playing sometime after 2. I was tempted to return when Heavensward 3. XI has reached a saturation point where I've lost pretty much all interest in continuing to play, simply due to the point that there's no decent repeatable content worth my time Ambuscade and Divergence can shove it.

I'm sorry to say it, but not everyone can have fun spending countless hours repeating frustrating battle instances and constantly having to replace gear every few months just to keep up. I realize that WoW has pretty much shaped the modern era of MMO design, but not everyone has the patience to keep replaying dailies and organizing runs. XIV isn't a bad game at all, but it leaves much to be desired.

XI's service does eventually end I'll just move on to a different game entirely - I won't ever return to FF: Yoshi-P has done enough to temper myself against the game; at this point FF: XIV can toil in obscurity for all I care. I don't feel S-E did a good job with XIV, a game I loved and adored at launch, then increasingly got frustrated with the monotony of it all. I don't feel like they tried their best to keep a customer happy with their design decisions either.

And considering I work in gaming retail and try to keep other potential customers from playing FF: XIV, I'm not just one person that they're losing money from. But XIV and WoW both use basically the same mechanics and tropes - from enemy combat awareness, instance raids, hotbar commands, item crafting, exploration EXP, etc etc.

After playing Star Trek: Not that any one of those games are better or worse than the other, but none of them could keep my interest after the novelty wore off. Proof that it's not? Look at how often patches come out, and the content of said patches. I would hardly say they are putting out content at the rate they should be, or worthwhile content at that.

XIV is scrapping at all the money they can get with the Mog Station, but it seems like more and more players are unsubscribing. If you want to claim there's been a change in the status quo you're the one to prove it. As far as I see it they're putting out same volume of content as ever. Granted, this expansion cycle will have more content at the end of it rather than spread out equally. The end result is the same. Not to be harsh, but nobody gives a crap what you personally think of the rate of content additions.

It's still ten times the amount of FFXI so that is one hilarious opinion to hold. Take off the rose tinted glasses and look around, a lot of FFXIV players are sharing the same sentiment. And who are you to say no one gives a crap about my opinion on the rate of content additions? There are plenty of players whom agree with my statement. You go ahead and keep doing the same exact content for every patch, but at the end of the day, what is even the point of grinding for gear, etc. Now that is hilarious, unlike my opinion.

So you wanted me to look how often patches are coming out. Here's the data on that. What ever terribly slowed down schedule you're seeing there, is all on your imagination. That's stating the obvious. Now what it is you want to claim about the content of said patches, you'll have to point out "the obvious". Expansions are still massive unlike XI's ever were and we're getting a man instance as well as a four-tier raid every other patch. We're getting trials and dungeons. One recycled dungeon was sacrificed for Eureka which we're getting three original zones of.

Everything you do becomes obsolete and is worth jack shit in the end. Rather it be every two patches than the whole itemization stagnating for ten years due to relic weapons.

The former is unfortunate, the latter is undistilledly shit game design that needs to die and has died in a fire even in XI. At my last count, FF: XI has had five major expansions I'm not counting the various add-on scenarios while FF: XIV has only had two expansions total. If you count the various patches added after every major expansion, then FF: XI would likely win that fight as well. I mean, that sounds impressive, but it does nothing to make me want to return to XIV again.

Although XI is severely lacking in fun new content, I'd rather spend my free time doing stuff in Vana'diel than waste it 'adventuring' in Eorzea. Both games suffer from stagnation and a current lack of focus; but I wonder which one is going to burn out first? Have you ever even played XI? Are you sure you are on the right sub? Stormblood could be cleared in entirety in the course of a week, including the trials.

XIV keeps putting out cookie cutter content and the developers are afraid to break that trend because their core, sheep, toxic community will get butthurt over it, the same people that have to go to great lengths and make up excuses to defend it. There was literally nothing but story when CoP came out. No jobs, no new abilities for existing jobs, no job quests, no endgame, just ill-balanced dungeons that took you to level yet were impossible to complete while being at those levels because game design is hard.

You couldn't even level up in CoP zones so what is the freaking point? Not to mention the cutscene and story direction were awful though for passable for an MMO. I just replayed CoP so it's not my memory either. That was one failure of an expansion for sure. It's like buying SB but doing only HW content for a year because you couldn't find a static to do the only thing you could do. It's not even an opinion to say CoP was awful. Nice music though, that's what counts.

Xi expansions were pretty massive for 're amount of new zones, monster types, quests, missions, etc they put out. The first two expanded the main continents, but every one after that was a whole new continent. Missions were ling content that took a while to do not anymore with qol changes but expansions unlocked content gradually instead of everything being available at the start.

They were glorified patches you had to pay for. It's like getting 4. That's not a different way to handle expansions. It's just way less content for what you paid for. They even had the gall to charge a separate fee for it.

I just think it's the modern-type of MMO. And FF14 is good enough to maintain a fanbase, a large one at that, that draws loads of attention. I mean as much love as there is for FF11, I don't know if a timesink MMO would ever work as well, or again as the perfect storm that was 11 had. I don't see the point pretending it's not, Yoshida told the developers to go play wow to see how to make an mmo.

Also here is a direct quote form him. FFXI is not an Everquest clone have you played everquest perhaps the nm System maybe and the leveling part but there were mmos before everquest that had the nm system too i can name a few. Not to mention FFXI is more polished its too much to talk about.

They want 11 players to go to 14, they don't want distractions from 14 and it's pay-shop content. Its exactly the opposite, they keep 14 as mmo product for mainstream audience and 11 as a product for niche market targeting people thats not into Its very obvious both games are very different and it makes the most sense from business pov.

I thought this bit was surprising, given numerous reports over the years that XI has been their most profitable game in the series ever. It was at one point, but ffxiv subscriptions, having a larger player base now, will let it eventually pull ahead. Ffxi has small but steady income now, but any drop in player base is noticed. Rhapsodies announced and interpreted as the end of the game caused a noticeable amount of people to leave, plus some being forced to when console support ended, since not every console player was willing to move to PC to game on.

Japan especially has not been big on using computers to play games, compared to consoles. There is still a stigma that their main game use is erotic games that can't be released on consoles. Otherwise they are seen as machines to use for work. Sure its total sum will probably surpass XI at some point. But it just wouldn't have made sense, especially if the consideration to shut it down was some years ago when it was performing better.

Even now the game is still cash flow positive, hard to believe they'd want to take a hit like that, not just with the money but the reputation hit from closing a main title FF too. Damn, they gave me a SE answer to my Easter egg question. I was hoping for something like, "such and such's face is modeled after this person on the development team or something fun Cornelia is the secret lovechild of Zeid and Klara!

Hmm, it's a bit odd they're focusing on Master Trials out of all things with the very limited resources they have. Only a bunch of people do those - and it's only for vanity items. Why not focus on something that benefits a much larger portion of the population, like continued QoL updates and such?

I can kinda see why. The game seriously need tough content as established players got bored and quit, on the same time they can't let gear power creep too much. So the only possible hard content to implement is MT. I do wish MT offers more incentive to clear multiple times, but even without incentive MT is still a better choice to work on than There are already ways to deal with musics that you don't like. Mount music does nothing keeping people subbed. If you are going to sub anyways, you wouldn't care about how it sounds.

My point is, music toggle is something that is far quicker to implement than creating whole new Master Trials even though that's mostly designer work as opposed to coding. I understand why they're creating MT and it's great that they're doing it but it is still for a very small portion of the population. And I don't see how established players wouldn't be motivated by all the new additions to Dynamis-Divergence, Escutcheons, Aeonics, new crafting recipes, etc.

And instead of focusing on saving a very small portion of the population from quitting, resources could be put into getting new blood into the game new players via ease of installation and accessibility and tutorials and whatnot. Mount music was just an example. There are a lot more QoL stuff that can be done, and I'm disappointed we stopped receiving those now. Don't underestimate QoL - they can be game changing, pun intended such as being able to teleport between homepoints.

I understand your point and I absolutely wish MT has relevant reward so more people spam it, so it becomes "relevant content". However I also understand why they wouldn't go that way from big pic pov.

The goal of this content is to create a niche market for these people so they don't get bored and quit, since players like this are mostly capped on aeoincs. They are not "climbing gear ladder" group. The small portion of people that you speak of, they may be minority, but they are the backbone of the community.

They lead linkshells, create guides, engage in discussions, provide feedbacks about job balance, explore different strategy. They are also often passionate enough to create multiple mules and alts, which is extra sub for se.

Despite every character cost the same in ffxi, their actual value is not the same at all. I know for sure if some ls leader quit, the entire community will collasp because members no longer have events waiting for them when they log on. Resulting SE losing more sub than just one person.

So yes, in a way minority matters, A LOT. Now to my 2nd point, why wouldn't they make MT more appealing for the majority. In order to do that, the MT would need to drop loot. They specifically said they don't want MT clear to be a requirement to min max a character, so the gap between people that can clear it and people that can't is smaller. Which also makes sense from pov of keeping the community around.

Now to my 3rd point, why wouldn't SE create more mid tier content for everyone instead, so something like Omen or dyna D that everyone can participate and get loot. Personally, I think ffxi has wayyyyyy more mid tier content than hard content atm.

Besides very few fights, majority of content are already for everyone, but there arent enought content for hardcore players. This is not a good direction for business. You want most of your product to aim for mainstream audiences, then 1 to 2 products to aim for niche audience. You don't want to put all the eggs in one basket and ONLY aim for mainstream audience. In past 2 years, we get mid tier contents like Omen, ambu vol1 VD, dyna D.

But No new hard fights since So it makes sense to change the focus now to balance things. It's actually a bad strategy to put most of the resource into getting new players for a 16 year mmo like this. This is because majority of new players won't have strong ties with the game, so they are far, far, far more likely to leave immediately. The amount of resources required to attract brand new players do not worth what they bring to the table.

That's why se mostly rely on ff14 and ff brand as a way to market the game for new players: If not, they are not going to spend too much resources to overhaul the whole thing for them. With the neutral English accent and friendly nature of Filipinos, a lot of foreign businesses preferred to work with Filipinos instead of others.

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