Thundering Serpent Hatchling

Battle for Azeroth New. Chill Streak bounces up to 9 times between closest targets within 6 yards.

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Wild Gladiator's Plate Pauldrons. Wild Gladiator's Cloak of Cruelty. Wild Gladiator's Plate Breastplate. Tabard of Brute Force. Wild Combatant's Armplates of Cruelty. Wild Gladiator's Plate Gloves. Wild Combatant's Girdle of Cruelty. Wild Gladiator's Plate Leggings. Wild Combatant's Warboots of Prowess. Wild Combatant's Signet of Accuracy. Warmongering Combatant's Signet of Cruelty.

Wild Gladiator's Accolade of Victory. Wild Gladiator's Insignia of Victory. Rune of the Fallen Crusader. Whenever you are struck by a movement-impairing effect, you will generate 3 Runic Power every 1 sec for 5 sec. Increases PvP power by 0. For 3 sec after casting Death Grip, you may cast the spell a second time without regard for its cooldown. Increases PvP Power by 0. The Story of Warcraft. Inside the World Championship.

Inside the Mythic Dungeon Invitational. Helm of the Awakened Soul. Fiendish Spaulders of the Peerless. Cloak of the Burning Vanguard. Order of the Cloud Serpent Tabard. Wristguards of Ominous Forging. Waistguard of Devilish Deeds. Sullied Seal of the Pantheon. Insignia of the Grand Army. Fiendish Spaulders of the Peerless Primal Obliterum: Vigilance Perch Item Level 1, Transmogrified to: Ered'ruin Gloves Binds when equipped Unique-Equipped: At 5 stacks, while you are out of combat you turn into a Spirit Owl, increasing your movement speed further and granting you the ability to fly.

Your ranged attacks and spells have a chance to launch a Homing Missile if your target is at least 0 yds away, dealing up to Fire damage to all enemies within 20 yds. Targets closer to the impact take more damage. Requires Level Sell Price: Your damaging abilities have a chance to create a Ravaging Storm at your target's location, inflicting 24 Nature damage split among all enemies within 6 yds over 6 sec.

Golganneth's Thunderous Wrath When empowered by the Pantheon, your autoattacks cause an explosion of lightning dealing 8 Nature damage to all enemies within 8 yds of the target. Hati will now fight for you as a companion. Off Hand empty slot.

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