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 · Still, the suggestion that Goldman Sachs, among the most vaunted banks on Wall Street and a frequent target for criticism, would even consider trading Bitcoin would have been viewed as.

Ben Goertzel, chief scientist at Aidyia, says his machine will never need human intervention. General Info on me.

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Electronic trading has grown between 77% and 56% across bond asset classes since the introduction of new regulation in the European Union this year.

I have taken and passed on the first try the 7, 63, 57, and 4. Should I have a problem with the 3 if I passed the ones above? I never want to take these things for grant Question for the sales guys out there - has anyone ever been kicked off a bank's research or trading platform for not doing enough business?

I'm interested in getting a certain bank's research, but I have no interest in trading with them on a regular basis willing to make a few maintenance trades This person disclosed that their firm's most profitable trading desk was the freight desk, and that freight traders on average are the best paid.

They added that it's been this way for a while. I didn't want t I did a search on role of a structurer and the desired skillset. However all that I came across was a need for "excellent quant skills" and stuff in similar vein. To clarify, how much of quant knowledge are we considering?

Is it maybe linear algebra, basic probability theory excel manipulations or Hey, Everyone, Disclaimer this Is my first post so go easy on me. General Info on me. After the completion of the Trafigura Graduate Programme, what happens to most members?

Do all go on to become traders? Are some placed in analyst roles? How are these things decided and does anybody know what the pay would be after completing the Graduate Programme? Hi, I have an interview coming up that involves a group exercise, I'm guessing that it's going to be a market making game.

Does anyone have any links or resources that show and explain how such a game would work? Hey WSO, I'm keen to know more about the metals derivatives swaps and futures market.

If anyone could please provide some colour on the below as well as any additional information they deem relevant , it would be hugely appreciated! How are desks partitioned? In energy markets, for example, y What questions can on expect for credit sales High yield debt in an interview at a BB? Have an informational coming up but I can expect this to have some type of technical questions Basically think business development. Took the job for security and automatic paycheck after school at a reputable asset manager with the aspect of career growth.

Hi, I'm currently interviewing for a position as a junior trader at Flow Traders. From what I've read online through glassdoor, the final round is has a case study. Does anyone have any tips about what to expect or how to prepare? Hi WSO, How much of a disadvantage am I at in trying to pursue a career in physical commodities trading in Singapore if I don't speak a second language? From what I've read up here on the forums, this industry seems to be heavily relationship based.

I assume that depending on the product traded cer Anyone here in the industry care to shed light? Hi guys, long time lurker here.

I was recently offered a summer internship at an oil major at a certain location, my home town, in their natural gas trading program and accepted it. I am extremely excited about the opportunity! But, I have always been interested in crude oil.

Maybe I am a little biased; as I took a certificate pro Currently trying to decide what career path is best for me. Obviously I know this covers quite a wide range of jobs so I was wondering the best way to narrow this list down so I can target my applications. I've noticed that the conversation in the energy industry over the last couple of years has really started shifting towards decarbonization and sustainability. I'd like to hear more information about what energy supply and trading careers are like at the supermajors BP, Shell, Mobil, etc.

Iwas wondering if anyone out there is in the business of carbon emissions trading. Who can one learn more about CET? Have commodities firms Glen, Traf, Vitol etc set up departments for this? Might be a bit niche but does anyone here know much about the petchem trading industry? Top bank seeks a mid-career professional for their internal audit team, with at least 5 years of post-undergraduate experience, focused mainly on energy and commodities capital markets, but also equities, currencies and across other trading platforms as required.

The selected candidate will spend a Top bank seeks a senior leader on their internal audit team, focused mainly on energy and commodities capital markets, but also equities, currencies and across other trading platforms as required. Want a career in prop trading? Want to learn from veteran traders in our NYC office? Investment Banking - as of January Popular Content See all. Home Forums Sales and Trading Forum. Sales and Trading Forum Subscribe.

Recent Recent Trending Best. Undergraduate or Earlier Junior Employee: Dummy with the sauce: Trying to decide next steps for profitable Algorithm Pharm0r Hello all, First post here: Does anyone else struggle with competency questions sell side? LaNoob How would you prepare for competency questions for a bank interview could be any front office role really?

In , this new attitude will help drive adoption rates of new technologies, analytics, and data sets not seen since the advent of electronic trading. Posted by fixglobal January 7, 0. I have a lot of advice, but just to name the top three, the first one would be to build your own brand.

Posted by fixglobal December 18, 0. Posted by fixglobal December 11, 0. Posted by fixglobal December 4, 0. By Sanjay Awasthi, Director, Eastspring Investments Increased adoption of OTC derivative technology is giving buy-side traders better pricing and reduced operational risk.

By Markets Media With limited liquidity dispersed across 15 options exchanges, how can institutions most efficiently find the other side of large trades? Posted by fixglobal November 27, 0. He was more statesmanlike. Solomon has given money to candidates from both parties. During the campaign, he donated to both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush's campaigns, according to contribution database OpenSecrets.

Solomon will take over a bank that has recovered under Blankfein since the financial crisis a decade ago. But he'll still face challenges. Blankfein was Goldman's former trading chief and the bank has relied heavily on client fees from its trading desk -- buying and selling bonds, commodities and currencies.

The unit made up more than half of revenue in , but it shrunk to a little over a third last year. The combination of market calm, low interest rates and tighter financial regulations have pushed investors to shift money into low-fee index and passive funds, hurting Goldman in the process.

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