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Gaby is the most beautiful phenomena in the world, not to be compared with anything else. Aladdin Indian Cuisine Closing soon.

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Our projects range from Innovative workshops to environmental, water This six centuries old unique temple is dedicated to Goddess Karni, the incarnation of power Goddess Help us with our authentic charming Homestay in Rajasthan - Shekhawati India in a great French ambiance.

We have opened a charming Homestay in a Come and enjoy the beautiful Indian Himalayas in Himichal Pradesh. A total of 10 to 12 volunteers at three different sites - keep reading for detailed information on each property. We usually split the Help a filmmaker and screenwriter at his hostel- Tamil Nadu, India.

I'm Sadhu, a filmmaker and screenwriter in the middle of writing my first Tamil screenplay, soon to be produced and directed by me. I live in chennai odten visit Family in Kanyakumari. My father is a banana farmer and We need 1. An amazing mural artist. Help at Hostel in Keri north Goa. We are a community hostel for backpackers. Created by a team of people from all over the world, we're linked by the passion for freedom through co-creation, traveling and selfsustainable living.

We created this place to provide a space for We have a hotel of eleven rooms in Jaisalmer city. We accept volunteers year round. We appreciate if you know about Web Solution work and can help us on improving our websites or Welcome to the countryside of North Goa, India I am a German national, female, Grandma not the rocking-chair-type , living with four Indian dogs everybody says they are lovely We need volunteers to help with teaching and marketing activities.

Our family also loves knowing about local cultures, traditions and we'd love to hear tales of your travels. On a personal level, the fantastic cultural exchange has been wonderful Come and learn more about alternative medicines like ayurveda in Rishikesh, India. Hello, We have 5 apartments in aloha residency also rented facilities in near by areas.

Where yoga and ayurveda enthusiast comes from all over the world.. Beautiful ganga beach and waterfalls are near by too surrounded by himalayan mountains. Looks like monsoon is over? Searching for people who wish to help on natural farming and on spreading their wonderful energy close to Faizabad, India.

We are an Indo-American couple and live in a 35 acre farm outside of Faizabad, India. We work towards making the earth more sustainable. I develop and produce compostable packaging and my wife is a children book author amongst many other things! Experience the Western ghats and help us become self-sufficient near Munnar, Kerala, India. We had lot of volunteers from various NGOs and we been Help eco-sustainable farm and Guest house in the foothills of Himalaya,Rishikesh.

We are a farm located in the foothills of great himalaya, Bordering Rajaji national park-home to over elephants and over varieties of birds. Help on a homestay in Alleppey, India. Hey My name is Saiju I have 4 rooms here and one houseboat as well. I am in the business for the last 10 years. I mostly host international travellers in my house. See you later my dear! Gaby is the most beautiful phenomena in the world, not to be compared with anything else.

I had a great time with Moa, she was so welcoming and friendly. We loved to have someone from such a different country join our activities. It was great spending time with the students and participating in diverse projects. I will definitely be in touch to see how we can partner again in the future! Left by Workawayer Laura for host. My time with Yash and Nareem and Asha was great! It was my first time in India and it was a wonderful way to … read more begin a journey in a foreign contry and culture.

Yash explained a lot to me and I am very grateful for all the priceless experiences I could make. Laura is a very friendly and easy-going person and it was nice to have her around. She is a knowledgeable and capable young woman who is both diligent in her approach to work and pleasant in her interactions with others. We would really like her to come back again one day! Be Happy and Safe travels.. Left by Workawayer Tatiana for host. I stayed with Yash. Asha and Nareem just 2. This is a very beautiful place, wonderful family and I enjoyed every minute spent with them.

Yash is an extraordinary person with many ideas. I did pebble art and it was my first experience. Yash, thank you for the opportunity to be an artist. And I … read more am very glad that I met you in my life. I miss you already and I want to see you again. Tatiana Ershova is amazing! Very strong, hard-working and she was really good at anything!

Thanks for choosing us and for your contributions to our project and for your helpful company. You are a nice and caring person we hope to see you back next time for another season!

One of my best experience in India! Thanks Yash, Asha and Nareem! Many thanks to you, Sara! She is very easy going, and very willing to help. Thanks for your help and good luck with your adventures! Left by Workawayer Marta for host. The time I spent with Yash has been the best of my trip around India.

I have learned a lot about India, its culture, food, nature, etc. He is always good company, incredibly interesting person, curious and open minded. I assisted him during the swimming lessons in the local swimming pool and the river.

We also did skating lessons and science … read more workshops with kids. He introduced me to his family and friends, showed me all type of interesting places around Karnataka jungle, temples, caves, etc. Thank you Yash for everything, I miss you already!!

Thank you for all your hard work and fantastic company. I'm missing words to describe the wonderful time we spent together: Marta is very polite, kind, clean, tidy, trustworthy and absolutely appreciate and respect your property and habits around the house. I am happy I met a cheerful and lively guy like Yash. During the 2 weeks I stayed with him, I realized he is the perfect example to explain Indian hospitality because I always felt well looked after.

He told me a lot about Indian culture as well as stories of all the couchsurfing and workaway experiences he made so far. He loves learning new … read more things which he likes teaching to others again.

Laura is …Happy, smart, authentic and different! She is young but wise and has tremendous passion to do something..

I enjoyed very much the time she spent here I wish all her dreams come true. Thank you and all the best for your India Trip! Left by Workawayer Natalia for host. Right away I felt myself at home as part … read more of the family. Meals were authentic Indian and every day it was something new. On day off we have a picnic on the nearby river with the group of young friends of Ash. It was fun day, the river was clean and extremely warm, and the fish that Ash cooked was yummy.

Thank you for the great experience that did make me to correct the stereotype of Indian people I had before came to your country. I really appreciate it. I had the great pleasure to host Natalia and have been delighted by the experience. She is very positive attitude and was always ready to help , interested in discovering our region, Hope to see you here again, All the best for you!

My time with Linnea Emma! Linnea is an excellent , really supportive, friendly and also one of the most interesting people I've ever met - She is a real inspiration, spontaneous.

So peaceful and loved to work together Left by Workawayer Helen for host. I had a wonderful time with Yash and Asha. I was very well looked after and entertained.

It was great fun and I learnt so much about Indian people and their way of life. Thank you for opening your home to me and I hope we will always stay in contact and to maybe meet again one day. A lucky wind that blew Helen to our door. She was a great guest,well spirited, adventurous, and fun.

She never fails to make interesting conversation, and seems to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. It was great to meet her. One day our paths … read more will cross again!

We engaged in activity related to building science models and I would highly … read more recommend for any type of work that needs to be done. Thank you Karla……hope our paths cross again.. Please log in and visit this profile to leave your feedback.

To contact a host, please login with your username and password or register with workaway. My host list 0. It is a living, breathing museum that educates people on the history Join our registered not for profit community of art-minded folks creating a self-sustainable outdoor museum in the Mojave desert, USA. Portugal We are looking for a friendly workaway that would help us on our farm babysitting our 2 months old daughter during the day. We live in central Looking for a friendly person that helps us baby sitting, Central Portugal.

Greenland Dear all, we are now fully booked for this summer , but we have available spots for the summer

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