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Malmö and Stockholm Posted by. Australia seasons Summer in Australia, from December to February, is a great time to get outdoors. Australia is divided into three separate time zones: We are a professional couple who live on the waterfront in Minyama next to Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.

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Explore the many different types of tours on offer in Australia and links to the accredited tourism operators who provide them. Want to travel in a group, make your own way around independently, find family-friendly ideas or have the ultimate romantic honeymoon?

These tours will help you plan your perfect holiday by coach, train, car or camel. We have boutique hotels and backpackers, luxury resorts and self-serviced apartments, rustic country pubs and camping. You can expect friendly service and the best standards in whichever budget range you choose. Or, instead, head south and follow the spectacular coastal route from Sydney to Melbourne, then the Great Ocean Road to Bells Beach, lush national parks and the majestic Twelve Apostles.

Sail through the idyllic Whitsundays or immerse yourself in the uncrowded beauty of Tasmania's rugged West Coast. Nature is always on your doorstep in Australia, with national parks and 19 World Heritage-listed sites to discover. You can see animals not found anywhere else on Earth. Discover the wetlands and wildlife of Kakadu and Litchfield national parks, following the kilometre mile Nature's Way from Darwin. Circle Tasmania, taking in tranquil beaches in the east, and wild rivers in the west.

Kambrook was more interested in immediate commercial release than patenting its idea and has never received any royalties from this now ubiquitous product. The tiny lightweight camera is used in sports broadcasts and provides viewers with spectacular views of events such as motor racing, which are impossible with conventional cameras.

The CPAP system first developed by Sullivan has become the most common treatment for sleep disordered breathing. The invention was commercialised in by Australian firm ResMed , which is currently one of the world's two largest suppliers of CPAP technology. The keel gave the yacht better steering and manoeuvrability in heavy winds. New South Wales public hospitals now refuse to allow parents take a baby home by car without one. Technegas lung scans in conjunction with lung perfusion scans demonstrate the presence of the life-threatening condition of pulmonary embolism.

So-called hammerhead ribozymes are bits of genetic material that interrupt a DNA code at a particular point, and can be used to cut out genes that cause disease or harmful proteins.

The chief advantages are high counterfeiting resistance and longer circulation lifetimes. Rofin Australia Pty Ltd, developed this product into the portable Polilight which shows up invisible clues such as fingerprints and writing that has been scribbled over, as well as reworked sections on paintings.

When a cow walks through, the brushed flies fly upwards toward the light and become trapped in the solar-heated plastic dome where they quickly die from desiccation drying out and fall to the ground, where ants eat them. Now the process is used by the majority of software publishers in the world. The Frazier lens provides a massive depth of field, allowing the foreground and background of an image to be in focus.

Frazier's lenses have been widely used in Hollywood and wildlife cinematography. Relenza was discovered as a part of the Australian biotechnology company Biota's project to develop antiviral agents via rational drug design. This test was conducted at the rocket range in outback South Australia called Woomera.

Unlike conventional bulletproof glass it incorporates an air cavity to absorb the shock wave of explosions, and was effective in protecting the Australian Embassy in the Jakarta bombings of The commercial application, Gardasil , is a vaccine to work against certain types of human papillomavirus HPV. Logic gates are the main idea behind computational theory , allowing qubits to be utilised for computation, paving the way for commercial applications.

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It was a great night with food Per was cooking again… and lots of talking with a LOT of visitors! Malmö and Stockholm Posted by. After Australia , Australia , events. On Tuesdy, June 7th, hosted by Point 65 Malmö, starting The slideshow starts around Thanks to SWR inviting me! Australia , equipment , people. Diavortrag Australien im Rathaus Husum Posted by.

After Australia , Australia , events , people.

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