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No, it is not necessary to tell him to come quietly ; he 'will do it without being told. It is he who is always first on the job when a fire breaks out in a neigh- bor's yard. Charley is short and fat, and possesses a short chubby nose that always receives its share of talcum. With all of his faults, he is a jolly good fellow, and is sure to please. This dark-eyed, fluffy-haired maid. She manifests a great interest in copper, and will make a good assistant for someone in the study of this metal.

Contrary to all expectations, however, he has be- come a hero, and a much petted boy. The little whiffet takes everything good naturedly, but is sharp as the pine needles in Pineflats, to take advantage of a chance to pull off some practical joke. Out of school, his chief occupation is cross- piling sawdust ; in school he spends most of his time in kidding the girls. She is very generous and obliging, and takes genuine pleasure in doing little favors that one less thoughtful would overlook.

But she is a jovial companion and one to whom you could confide your woes. There is one place you can never finu her, that is the dancing floor, but yon can find bor at.

Ethel dropped in on us from the count? Her sweet smile will surely soothe many a tired little soul under her instruction. Oh, to be one of Ethel's scholars! Every evening yon may hear her say, "I have so much to do ; I'll never get all my lessons done tonight, I nmst ask for lights.

Yes, as far as Sharkey's. We know that Ethel will not be long in the teaching profession, for she will swiftly give up that- for something more suited to her taste. Esther Ruth had roomed down town during her life at Normal, until the AVinter term of her senior year, when she decided to try dor- mitory life for one term.

She was a very studious girl, and her smiling face made you feel glad that she had lived among us, even if it had been for only one term. Talking of alarm clocks! How Ruth did hate it when her roommate decided to get up early in the morning, and her peaceful slumbers were disturbed by the ringing of the loud alarm bells. Who was it that shone in Gc- our Esther, Ruth, of course.

This is that exquisite habit dear to the hearts of all Indiana Normal girls — sleep, sweet sleep. Even the alarm clocks, those melodious musical instru- ments, have gone on a strike because, after their continuous efforts to arouse the sleeper, they gel. Ruth is very fond of her studies, especially Physics.

Whether the teacher has anything to do with this fond- ness, we do not know. She is a strict adherer to the doctrine, ' ' Better never than late. Mack, keep going, and you will land on the top of the pile. If you land everything as easily as the mysteries of Arithmetic, you will land about everything in sight. Ruth is little but she has her full share of tem- per and independent spirit. Her high standing i;i Model School has continued through Normal and we predict a brilliant future for this little, light-haired maiden.

Ruth intends taking up music soon, but as yet we are doubtful whether it will be on the piano or on a dish pan. To stay down town and take "college prep" at first look- ed good to her, but being of a studious turn of mind, she "longed for more worlds to conquer.

In the last year Helen has found that life isn't quite so serious and no longer "troubles trouble till trouble trou- bles her. Huyghenian; President Senior Class; Y.

The Senior who lias the least to say, but who says something every time; he talks. Sandy has never belonged to any society or club in the school in which he has not been the "big noise.

He has been connected with the Y. Strange as it may seem, even though Sandy knows parlia- mentary law from A to A. With all of bis trivial faults, there is not a better fellow in the school than the "big chief. There sits Bess in the Red Room, during vacant periods, and some that are not vacant, with one eye open for Aunt Jane, and the other for that particular instructor in this "Noble institution of learning" whose class sh?

This golden-haired lass says many funny things, but always leaves a doubt in your mind as to whether her remarks are intended for wit, or are merely the rambling example of the benefits of optimism is portrayed ture and a minimum of real work she has drifted s ucccssf u 1 finish. Mabel is one of the very studious members of the class, getting up almost every morning at five-thirty to study. As we think of her among the rest of our class-mates we find her among the first, both in scholarship and friendship.

She is not content with, leading her own Virgil class with "tens" but makes such an impression upon her instructress that she is being called on in every class. We Indiana Seniors are proud to count Helen as one of us, for although the first year of her Normal life was spent in another Normal, Indiana held out greater attractions for her this year. Her favorite study is history and she always managed to make good recitations — with the aid of am open book.

She was always eom plaining about not being able to find the right place in her physics book, as Jesse always called on her for something she could not find in time to stave off a "zip. Her favorite expression is "Smarty. Although she was very timid, she soon found her bearings and began her work. Long and hard she has labored over her French ; but she will feel repaid when State Hoard comes and she is able to write a good French paper. Zula intends to make her life work teaching; and we congratulate her on the noble profession she has chosen.

Mary is no shirker and her record here shows it. She is a crank on exercise, goes ottt once a month without fail. Mary expects to teach her two years and then— well, don't say anything, but she is starting a hope chest. I wonder if a certain house party had anything to do with it.

Another sign which points that way is her ex- traordinary love for sour pickles. Grace is a product of the "Smoky City" and she has come to Indiana with but one idea autl that is to make a new high percentage record.

She is a great reader and has become a "general information bureau" for faculty and others. One of Grace's principal occupations is sitting near the window with a book in her hand looking dreamily out of the window. It is unreasonable to expect that she would take a "penny for her thoughts" at such a time. We all remember how he worked to down the Middlers in the class light last fall, how he ar- ranged for our sleigh ride and all the work hs did toward decorating for the Senior Dance.

He is a very quiet, unassuming young man and is very shy when around the ladies. She is very fond of flowers and she often raves over a ' ' Sweet William. She is very honest, likes all pie although she prefers custard , is loyal to her friends, is a gracious hostess and is blessed with a good thinking ma- chine which helps her in her studies. She also loves ' ' Browning ; J and ' ' pretty slippers.

A "Thou hast no hesitation in those eyes, Which thou dost glare with. Her heart's desire is to live among the Mountains and help the doctor take care of his victims. Al- though her hair is not red, she has the temper that goes with it, so look out for the flash of her eyes, as it is apt to be followed by a volley from her tongue.

Why the studious girl who spends hours over her books, only to have the teachers ask her the wrong questions the next day. She is not very talkative, and believes in the motto, "Speak when you're spoken to. She has no favorite class, nor teacher; they arc all view- ed with impartial and non-relenting eyes.

Did you say you never heard of that place? Well, it is in Jefferson County, Ohio. Some people seem to think that Helen is slow, but just tell her it is time for Arithmetic. It is her one favorite subject, and she always runs to it.

One good plan she has is to keep the clock a few minutes fast Try it. The favorite amusement of this damsel is dancing, and all of her spare time is spent in "Ecc Hall. My kingdom for a trot! Here she keeps open house and entertains her friends quite royally. She is a fine Latin teacher, greatly loved by the 9th grade pupils.

She burns Hie midnight oil. To read a mag- azine, of course. Her favorite expression is. She aims to play on the stage of life, The part of a struggling lawyer's wife. By playing her masterpiece, which is"Cutey. Bui no one will sing il at Indiana. She is deeidedly fair, and has a wide-awake look, even though her usual pastime is sleeping in class.

Twilight is bright and cheerful, and when she sees a fellow- student who has developed a ease of bines, she at once howls out, "Cheer up. Our secretary is of a quiet disposition, yet that smile of hers attracts many people. Al- 1 hough she is no loafer in any of her elasses, her hobby rests in the Physics class.

At one time sbt was secretary of the Y. She is liked by every- one, and it is predicted that she has a happy and successful future before her. Since coming to Indiana, Nellie has always been at home to her Mends at Here at any hour of the day one is able to find just the person one is looking for. Juniors, Middlers and Seniors, alike, make this their stopping place and are al- ways present at meal time.

Nellie expects to teach two years, and then go west. We doubt whether this will come about, for many unexpect- ed things have happened at Princeton.

Xellie is an early riser and has no patience with anybody who isn't. IIcu greatest delight is to get folks down to breakfast, especially those who had fully decided not to go. In other words, she is a torment. Being of a care-free disposition, happy and ever ready to help everybody out of their difficulties, Nellie lias many friends who will not forget her aslong as they have any difficulties. This maid is fair and graceful, With hair quite dark and brown, Her face is filled with sunshine, And never wears a frown.

She is always so cheerful that. Rep thinks she is going to teach in that dear old "Smoky City," but we who know her so well are laughing behind our hands and just patiently waiting. Do you like her eyes? Ye3, that's what they all say. And wit; where Norma is, so follows wit. Her main ambition in life is to get through school with as little work as possible. There was a hustle and bustle, and a coy little maiden rush- ed down the aisle , amid boxes and bags of every description.

Effie 's favorite subject is French and we ean see her in a few years standing before a class in some western college as instructor in that language. She has one awful habit, viz. However, since this does not come under the copyright act, we do think she will escape the Bastile.

Adelaide is one of our most charming seniors. You can feel her dignity in the atmosphere long before you meet her. At the piano she is a per- fect wonder. She is able to manipulate head, hands and feet all at the same time. The ivories even begin to wiggle when she approaches the piano.

If there is one thing more than another that she is interested in it is "otto "mobiles. In the fall of this golden-haired young lady joined cur ranks from Jit. On getting better acquainted with her you will find that she loves to pore over treatises on mathematics.

At present she is considering a special course in astrology. Although she pos- sesses the serious, grave look of the student, yet you will soon discover that she has a spirit of fun and jollity and the ability to enter, with a hearty good will, into such undertakings as sled rides and class rushes. Two years ago Trudie left school, but she could not stand the pressure so she came buck.

While away from Indiana her corresponding habits became so good that sin? The climate and effect of the air and the drugs of Indiana have so delighted her that she has decid- ed to remain here for life.

When first Trudie ap- peared with her sparkler there were many groans of disappointment from former lovers, but now even they as well as we wish her happiness in her future life. She attended the Brookville High School before her entrance to Indiana in the fall of She has proved herself to be a student, of excellent ability.

Her favorite color is red: This golden -haired lady lias long been the marvel of the class. We have sat and listened with awe and wonder to her cxhaustless recita- tions on subjects beyond onr comprehension. But this is not all, she has acquired such a dignified hearing that several times she has been mistaken for one of the faculty. Always to know her Cicero lesson.

Nelle is very keen on mathematics and is busy this year imparting same of her knowledge along this line to the pu- pils of ninth grade. Nelle deserves credit for her many good traits so we will overlook her very bad habit of talking in her sleep. Nelle often talks of going west to teach school, but do you think she will teach long I If she can ever make up her mind which one to accept, I think she will not stay at teaching long, but occupy an old stone homestead in Clarksburg.

When one passes this liLt. Other girls invariably ask of her, "Why do you talk so much about Model? Only Seniors talk about that place.

Her chief hobby is teaching Arithmetic in a certain grade at Model. Ask her what nine plus six are and she will reply, "Fourteen," without a moment's hesitation. She dearly delights in taking exam- inations, although she usually comes out of the class-room saying. She believes in the saying. Henee she had to have another sitting. Well I don't know, do you? She likes to set mail so well that it seems as though she simply lives for mail.

There is one letter in particular that she always longs for, and that is from. At half past six in the morning when Ro- meo rings the bell, Debra is still in dreamland.

At seven she is suddenly awakened by her room- mate going to breakfast. Then Debra in a falter- ing tone says, "Oh Zella, bring me up a piece of toast, but be sure and don't let anyone see it. Her favorite studies are "Lit" and "Ethics" and hei favorite expression is "What's the use. I J ut alas, what misfortune, that "boney" pate, You all will agree 'tis a terrible fate ; About her 1 could write at a 2: But am not permitted to use so much space.

So will merely put 'this "bee" in your "bonnet," That I've not lauded her enough in my sonnet. One day as Esther walked on her way to Al- legheny High, she thought she could cause more excitement if she went away to school.

As a re- sult we find her drifting through the spacious halls of Indiana Normal, Her good nature and happy smile always lead us to see the bright s'. How can we sit still and wish f r home when Esther is about? One would think from her name "Seaehrest" that she had crossed the "pond" from Sweden, but you can 't bank on a name. Helen is a very unassuming girl and if it had riot been for several disconnect- ed phrases which she uttered one night in her sleep, it would probably never have been known that she is a relative of the great German com- poser, Franz Peter Schubert.

You see Helen, it pays to keep your mouth shut, even in your sleep. No- body can feel blue when she is near to giggle for them. Her striking accomplishments are, — read- ing aloud and telling stories, and these make her a special favorite with children. Those blue eyes and curly black hair cannot be resisted by fun- loving people.

She can cook well, and would make an excellent mistress of a large, boarding house, but since coming to Indiana she has de- veloped some special talents and may yet be prin- cipal of some Industrial school. Leviathan and brought with her many wild and leviathan ideas. She can be found in the library every afternoon bnt it is hard to tell whether she Is studying her lessons or the faces around her.

It does not take very close scrutiny to see the "Old Nick" in her eyes, and she keeps Minta on the go at all times. Her chief occupation and delight.

IIow Anna Belle did like History! Morning, noon and night it was History, History. She lik- ed it so well that she put forth her best efforts to impart some of her knowledge of the subject to the young ' ' hopefuls ' ' in seventh grade. She doesn't expect to teach school all her life, so don't be surprised if you hear of her staking a elaim in the wilds of Montana in the near future.

She is known for her high class standing. Her greatest ambition is to teach higher mathematics. She is extremely good-natured, and has learned from long experience to smile, when her heart- less neighbors disturb her afternoon naps. Some day when her greatest ambition is realized, she will look back over her own school days, and will deal leniently with the mischievous pupils and give them all a high per- FRANCES D.

When "Frank" first came to Indiana she was accused of being pretty and sensible, a combina- tion rarely found. She firmly denied the former until now we have been forced to believe her. As to the latter, ' ' Actions speak louder than words. Her favorite pastimes are singing and develop- ing philosophical theories. Evelyn, or more commonly, "Ev," is one bright spot among all those who know her. She appears very dignified to those who do not know her very well, but, alas, for those who an; with her all the time — no rest.

She possesses titles too numerous to mention, among which are Class Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary of the Y. A familiar quotation of hers is "Who wants to go to Sharkey's? We do not call her "Poetic Helen," because she mustered up enough nerve to write poetry, but because she is continually de- vouring the works of authors. As a result of her poetic inspirations, she is a great lover of nature.

At the end of the week, nothing gives her more pleasure than to count up the tens as she has re- corded them in her own mind.

They generally agree with the number the teachers have given her. She is a happy-go-lucky dreamer, and there are few in the school who dream more and study less.

She finds a great souree of amusement in the library, for here she can eomo and chatter away to her heart's content.

One thing for which we must congratulate her is, her ever-ready smile. She is a perfectly sane, sen- sible girl, with no oddities or peculiarities. She has a charming teiror-alto-soprano-mezzo voice, and anyone in the vicinity of Smith's Cottage is likely to suffer the consequences, at all hours. She has but one failing and that is her love for pigs. His highest ambition is to be pres- ident of the universe. He is a great lover of Browning?

You wouldn't think it to look at her, but her studies are a constant worry to her and every Saturday evening you may hear her singing with much feeling, "Safely through another week.

She has two mottoes, hoth equally good, which she conscientiously lives up to. Her favorite study is "Gym. She never eats too much or too little, but just the right amount. She is most noted at Normal for here excellent conduct on the hall during study hour, especially when the room is cold. June takes the world just as she finds it and so we call her "Ikey. She wouldn't skip a single class.

She sets up late, and go as to bed early, That's one reason why h-ar hair isn't curly. Myrtle, Lell me how lo solve this prob- lem! This is the cry we hear from Seniors and Juniors alike, while the rest of us stand back.

She is earnest in all of her work, and we believe she will be successful wherever she goes. She does not seem to worry over the fact that she is- about the smallest girl in the class; it only makes her work the more. We hear the cry, "Who will translate my German for me? But she didn't like Arithmetic, and for some reason Arithmetic didn't like her, and when it fell upon her to teach it at Modi!

I School, it seemed like the last straw. But she dug right in, and is getting along amazingly. Alice is from the "wild and woolly West" and when her school days are over, intends going home, perhaps to propose to some young cowboy.

Her disposition is best expressed by the saying, — "Smile awhile and while yon smile an- other smiles, and by and by there's miles of smiles and life's worth while because you smile. She displays great ability as an architect, especially in the building of air castles. When her school life here is ended and she sets sail for the sunny West, she will take with her the heartiest wishes of her class. Now, Margaret is a very- dear little lady with tendencies that most certain- ly do not lean toward the mouse faction.

Her favorite expression is "Do tell," which she fondly ejaculates on all occa- sions, although she does not care two straws whether you tell her or not. On the whole we find our "Peggy" very sweet and demure, but we fear that she may be a feminine edition of Rip Van Winkle if she continues to sacrifice breakfasts for naps.

She can dig, dig. She's a good, wholesome, jolly girl, one who knows when to giggle and when to sigh T and whom it is a pleasure to be with. She can scold you when you're cross, comfort yon when you're blue, and laugh with you when you're happy ; what more could anyone wish in a friend? She has become resigned to her fate by this time, however, and seems completely satisfied.

Night after night she can be seen poring over her studies. Jive her a book and she is lost to the world. The biggest joke about Florence is her motto, "Love is a lie.

Martha is our little girl, Very seldom in a whirl; But in a basket ball game Will you never find her tame. Is she a shark? Well 1 should say, Nevertheless we find her gay. And we'll find her every day Hurrying on, up, and away. Her picture really does not do Paul jus- tice, for it fails to show that her lamps are light- ed with that all-knowing oil. One guaranteed way of winning her favor is to compliment her on her very small stub nose.

We did call her praetieal Paul, but since we have seen her with "Jim" we have changed it to popular Paul. We think in the little flat which she tells us she in- tends having in the future "Red" will carry out the color scheme. She is a living proof that that pill taker is not a pill. Paul is very aesthetic in all her tastes and this may account for her strong liking for the Irish.

On November tenth, several years ago. The sunbeams im- mediately look a maternal shape and our "Cu- tey" is the result. At an early age her parents recognized the wonderful intellect of their child and decided that Indiana was an ideal place for, the development of her mind. Alice's spare time is spent in the diligent perusal of a pamphlet en- titled, "How to reduce your fat without drugs," NAN J. As we look over the taller members of our class, one of the most conspicuous is Nan "White, for she towers far above us.

She is the only stu- dent here who sings while working Arithmetic. Speaking of music recalls the fact that Nan shows wonderful ability in playing the mouth or- gan, and in using her vocal chords in elocution. Of course she practices a great deal, much to the annoyance of the poor hall teacher, She has a strong voice which will be almost perfect after taking a few lessons.

Nannie is an all around girl in spite of the fact that she is from Kittan- uing. You can never find a time that George is not somewhere in her mind ; of course, he is so small that he does not take up very much room, and it is an easy matter to keep him on the brain. On the whole she is a good child, and never skipped more than one class a day.

After graduation from Deny High, Edith thought she would prepare to teach and live the life of a sedate bachelor girl. Not so, for here at Normal, she met her fate face to face. It is said that absentmindedness is an indication to some peculiar state of the mind.

Now, if there is any truth in tlrs statement, there seems to be no hope for Edith. She even forgets to get Up in the morning, and sometimes, even forgets to pre- pare hfr lessons. Much of her time is spent in dreaming, not seeing.

Elsie's room-mate must love her. Elsie likes to lake walks and never opens up like a morning glory so she does not have to shut up when she returns. In other words, her mother tongue is Silence. She is decidedly shy, but, most learned ones have some peculiarity. She came here with the sole purpose of teaching in the pri- mary grade and giving the professors lessons in Physics and Geometry. She gets her marks by looking wise.

And never seems to study at all; She simply wears that knowing look ; Upon her the teachers seldom call. She loudly laughs at her own bum jokes, And seems to think them full of fun.

But wrinkles her face up to a scowl "When another springs some spicy pun. Even though she is small in stature, she is not so in ambition, so after graduating from Johnstown High School in , she came to Indiana, Mary divides her attentions between German and eat- ing.

She thinks that every woman should be able to handle horses so she has started out on a small scale by managing a pony. After gradua- tion she expects to teach, and she has many friends who wish her all the success possible. Many noted persons have been born in Grecnsburg, but few have yet surpassed this maiden, who first saw the light of day some time within the last century.

She has shown great ability along many lines, but as a competent pres- ident of the Y. Any good-looking minister inter- ested in these qualifications. Marie is an experienced teacher and holds a professional. Yon may have noticed that Marie cares nothing at all for men— men, that insig- nificant part of the human race. Almost any time you go to visit in room , you will find her propped up on pillows reading away for fair.

Quite prompt in keeping dates, especially with "Mr. Lenore as their chief representative. Yet while we ad- mire her in her industriousness we think she spends loo much time working for "unknown quantities.

Some think that she could freeze an icicle, others that she could melt the North Pole, but we have our doubts. Agnes, or Onch as she is better known, is continually robbing the children at Model. We thought that when she became a Senior she would have put away childish things, but she seems to derive unlimited pleasure from these toys.

January It, I. Garnet is a girl whom we all miss whan she is gone, yet do mot know what she does when she is hew. She is rather hard to appreciate at first, but this is probably due to her desire for knowl- edge.

Her ambitions are the cause of many a weary hour of hard, drudging labor. She evi- dently he li eves in the adage which encourages deep drinking from the Pnrian spring. This is clue probably to the sound of the "cannon," which is music to her ears. This Irish child with the pleasing blushes can tell you just what to wear, and when and how. She tries this frequently on the teachers. If you care to know how it worked ask her what her Methods note book was worth in the opinion of the hypnotized professor.

Tims far she has always been able to use her broad smile successfully, and to use it discreetly. Janet is never too busy to give you advice or criticism on works of art, and in fact, her judg- ment is worth quite a bit.

As a girl, she has many friends and is very congenial. But that is not such a bad fault, and the idea of this sketch is not to find fault. To those who are intimate with her she has always proven to be a loyal friend.

In her studies she is no shark, hut no one can say that they ever knew her to get a zip. Further than that we know nothing of her work, for she never raves about her accomplishments, and is generally in her room? She has succeeded well in both, especially in voice training. Oft, when South Hall, second floor is wrapt in the mysteries of Trig or Latin prose, a rote song to he taught next day in Model, floats in over the transoms, and all hearers are spell- hound by the effective rendering of a simple mel- ody.

Not only does Lillian shine in her school work, but in social affairs as well. Who is more popular in the various festivities than Lillian, yet who more reserved and unassuming and sweet?

When Brownie entered his first race he be- came pretty tired and finally decided to quit. A good healthy kick from a world's record man. He kept on running and took a place in the race. From that time on he has improved, until now he is one of the fast- est half-milers on the cinder path.

He is very accomplished and can use the artist's pencil about as well as he can run. Although he does consider variety necessary, he can drum on the piano very melodiously. You might think that she could not have stood such strenuous work, but she is still large enough to be seen.

Her highest ambition is to sing in grand opera. She has attended Indiana Normal only two short years, but during this time has made many friends. She possesses an unusual love for pea- nut butter, which unfortunately her friends do not enjoy.

If we are curious about Florence's numerous trips to Blairsviilc, we dare not say so, for she has told us repeatedly that she goes down to see a dentist. Her word cannot be doubted, so we will have to conceal our curiosity until we have some definite proof.

The rest of her time is spent in the kitchen making candy to pay bets. Oft, when South Hall, second floor, is wrapt in the mysteries of Trig or Latin prose, a rote song to be taught next day in model, floats over the transoms, and all hearers are spell- bound by the; effective rendering of a simple mel- ody. She is one of ths happy-go-lucky kind win always hope for the best, but do not worry or fret if everything does not come their way.

Her favorite amusement is reading beauty hints and trying new beauty preparations. She is always busy while awake; but her waking hours are usually shortened by the fact that she is a firm believer in Franklin's advice, "Early to bed.

Such a heart, tem- per and good health is not excelled even among the "Silly Four. Never is the heavy work done by any other except her. Dad says, "my child, drop the men as you must wed yourself to your fiddle. For this reason she is sure to be a credit to that department of the school. We will say nothing of her as a girl, for she is too well known and liked by everyone to need com- ment.

It is true she bit off a pretty large lute when she en tercel the music, course, but. She is small, but sweet, and is famous for her fancy dances. She always has something to say, hut when she forgets all other words, these still stay in her mind, ' ' Let 's go to Shark- ers. If you wish music to stir up your feelings, listen to his violin.

If you wish musie to calm you, do the same thing, Fleitz is always in demand. Whether it is for his musie, or his good spirit we cannot tell, for he is qualified in both. This little girl won friends imme- diately, not only her classmates, hut also among the older girls. If any one would ask you what Bee's magnetic power was, he would receive the answer, "Her eyes," and yet people are wonder- ing what the color of those wonderful eyes is. Bee soon passed the "stepping stones to literature" and was enrolled as a music student.

Her career as a music student was one successful march, mounting such difficulties as counterpoint, har- ue Gregorian spirit. She has already accepted a position singing for the Victorian records. Margaret is a very modest young damsel from the prosperous village of Leechburg, At present, she is an humble member of the nineteen hundred and twelve supervisors' class, but some day in the near future, her fame as a prima- donna will shake the very rafters of the most famous opera houses in both the old world and the new.

She has, however, one very bad habit, and this her custom of gazing into her mirror at her comely features. Erodelphian Contestant in Inter-Society Contest It was not until this year that the class of was brightened by the sunny disposition and winning smile of our golden-haired Mary. She spends her leisure hours reading nursery rhymes, and is especially fond of "George. For- gie, puddin' and pie," May we dare ask why Mary preferred going to Clarke's studio for her picture?

Mary's voice is just as sweet and 'harming as her personality. We predict for her a happy and successful grand opera career. She is a dot drawn out that is, a dash and. Dorothy is serious, in fact, so serious in her work that she hates to waste the time walking to and from school. As long as that is her worst fault, however, she should be satisfied.

No, he conservatory is no place of public entertainment, but if you were to visit Grace tiny time during the day, you would think so. Her room is always filled with a. She knows it is use- less. One of her many aims in life is to teach in Ohio. We think Pennsylvania inducements are good enough, but she cannot sec things in that light. Josephine is a girl who can he seen at any time with a smile, but whether it is for those who gaze upon her blushing cheeks, or for her lover, who is far, far away, we cannot say.

She always has a friendly bow and "hello "for every one she knows, and she knows us all. She has often expressed a fondness for bugs and beetles, but this is no sign that she is bughouse.

She has al- ways been very prominent in voicing her opin- ions in class meetings? Her greatest ambition is to graduate in the music course. But Helen insists in using the motto, "Turn spiro spero.

Her talent as a coming grand opera star was display- ed in the "Chimes of Normandy," and in Model, A brilliant career is surely in store for her. This clever little musician started her musical career there, but finding it too uninteresting, came to Indiana about three. Of our "Mac," one of the Music Faculty waa beard to say , " X e v e r h a v e I h ea r d anyone get such tone out of a piano," — Puzzle: Was it a slam!

She has a few little side issues. She takes Domestic Science for pleasure? Of course, we be- lieve everything she says about Domestic Sci- ence, hut she must be thinking of future pleas- ures. As to Hair tonic one could see the result from the long, wavy tresses "which she possesses. Nevertheless with all her faults we ; 'Mae"!!! This smiling girlie is G. She has a happy-go-lucky disposition, but when there is a cause for dignity, she has it.

As an actress she is great, and her repertoire consists of everything from grand opera to Madame X. She, it was, who set the judges of the contest wild by her rendering of the piano solo for the Erodelphians. On this night she suddenly sprang from the shadows into prominence, and has remained there ever since.

Her favorite expression is, "Holy Bologna. She is continually expressing her desire to fin- ish school, hut we have not decided what has led her to make this remark. It may be for various reasons, but the most likely is that she is anxious to do something in the way of educating young- sters in the low grades? She considers this a very high calling, as indeed it is. Professor was a happy, light- hearted child, willing lo live on her own opin- ions. She "was "king" wherever she went and especially did she rnle with an iron rod, one little damsel, who could not govern herself.

A very sensible senseless girl was she. No dain- tier little Miss was found in the school and not one was more industrious. She has accepted the position of assistant "Director of Music" in a well known state Normal school.

Mary's one fault lies in her fondness for stunts? When yon see her engaged in any useless occupation yen know there is something radically wrong. This is not a very great fault, and unlike the f mi Its of many others, it can be remedied by sticking around Normal for a few terms. She is a jolly girl, for a' that, and is well liked. She possesses an unusual love for pea- nut batter, which unfortunately her friends do not enjoy, Tf wa arc curious about Florence's numerous trips to Blairsville, we dare not say so, for she has told us repeatedly that she goes dow-n to see a dentist.

Her word cannot be doubted, so w-e will have to conceal our curiosity until we have some definite proof. The rest of her time is candy to pay bets. She has a pretty- face in spite of the fact that she takes frequent sleigh-rides. But she is continually advising all friends who have dear faces to refrain from this winter sport. Of all her work, her favorite studies are Psychology and auburn hair. When there is a ghost of a chance for a good time you can always count on Mary as being one of the bunch.

Although she was green at this game, she soon became quite pro- fieient, thanks to the valuable instruction given by her roommate. Angeline made cpiite a hit with her broad smile and congeniality, so she has many friends who regret that she left Nor- mal to take up her home with her brother, who owns a ranch in New Mexico. She is an admirable student; and wastes no time in foolishness when there is any work to he done, "Always in a cheerful mood anil never discon- tented," is an exceedingly apt way of telling just how she is at all times.

Her style of attack varies with her impulses. On some occa- sions she can he as stern and serious as anyone, while at other times she is jolly and gay and brimming over with fun. It has been said that a, person who possesses auburn hair is a grouch, but we know that in this instance it does not hold good. With all of her practicing and earnestness, Isabel should soon be applying for a pipe-organ position. She is perfectly wild about her pipe- organ lessons?

The influence of Mac. She has many opinions of her own and I would ad- vise you not to start an argument with her or try to change her opinions unless you do not mind being defeated. But her big heart more than makes up for her other faults. She is very fond of teaching in.

Model school, and is also fond of the children; is now patiently waiting until commencement is over when she might he- come a "wise" woman. Margaret expects to leach next year and the earnest wish of her friends is, "May those whom she teaches find in her the worth that she has been to us.

She is tall, dark-haired, and handsome. But it is not for this reason only that she has many friends. Delia eame, a great distance to join our throng, but we have never heard anyone com- plain of her presence here. In fact, everyone takes a delight in calling themselves her friends. It was she who taught Angcline the mysteries of lawn tennis. It was this same girl who resolv- ed seven times each week to rise early and take morning walks. But these decisions were as near as she ever eame to the little strolls.

Of the Adams ranch. Her hair is brown, And so are her eyes; And if she's not a flirt— Then, the eyes tell lies. She is very neat, And shy and sweet, From the crown of her head, To the soles of her feet. She is a very industrious young lady, having fin- ished the commercial course in one year, besides getting to school on time for the first class every morning.

Unless she decides to move to Plum- villc we expect to see her in charge of the boohs in her father's store ere another year. Xclle has always been opposed to initiating and basal- ways had a great affection for the "Froshie.

She is of a sunny disposition when permit- ted to have her own way, and is a happy-go- lucky dreamer. Few there are, who can sleep more, or study less. When greatly aroused she is known to give vent to her feelings in that classical expression "Oh, heart. We wish Edna much happiness in her new abode. Anna has been one of the prominent figures in the class hay ride, sleigh ride and da nee. She is so good natured and willing to help that she is liked by all.

Whether she will take charge of some busi- ness man's office or home will be left to the future. Hazel has never tried dorm lift! We judge from the zeal with which she takes up the intricacies of Gra- ham's Shorthand that she will he establishing some new speed records very soon. Isabel] e first opened her eyes to the beauties of this world, which beauty she has been seeing ever since. Isabelle is quite an attractive young lady both in looks and disposition, so her winning ways soon found her a place in the hearts of the girls.

Strange, the boys didn't rush her? She took a great interest in all social affairs, hut letter-writing and telephoning seemed to be her favorite pastimes. Mary, although one of the smallest girls in the class, is not lacking in spunk or ambition. She is a perfect personification of the saying. Must be some attraction. She is now taking ;i commercial course and filling the position of as- sistant librarian.

Although being very loyal to Indian;. I won- der why — there's a reason. Being a very reticent young lady she does not speak often of herself, but it will surprise a majority of the class if she does not stay in Indiana. Lola is of a very sunny disposition, and when everything seems dark and gloomy it is- always she who dispels the gloom with her bright smiles and happy laughter. Although a very shy maiden and hard to appreciate at first, acquainted with her one cannot but. She is a great vegetarian, as she says meat is too nourishing for one of her preponderance, and she never eats any breakfast for the same reason.

She is a great worker and declares she's going to be an old maid. But we often hear her speak of the good times she's had with "the boys. Let ns hope in her numerous future travels she will find some one who will be attracted by her big brown eyes and her ever pleasant smile, and who will take her hand and go with her to the haunts and places which she loves.

At one time Scott thought he whs tut out for an engineer, at another time a surveyor, but he has tin ally decided that to really be a success one must be able to hammer on the keys of a typewriter. His life in Canada was a wild fight for existence among other similar animals of the wilderness, but since he has resided in civiliza- tion he has become perfectly harmless and docile. Scott grants the statement that Helen of Troy might have been the most beautiful woman, but insists that Helen of Altnona is just as fair.

Anger, love, joy, hate — all these emotions may or may not have been felt by him — his closest friends cannot tell — but if they have, their effect, was so slight, or his control so great that his calm coun- tenance was never disturbed. Harry is sure to be manager of some large business house ere long.

Meyers' one sure bet when lie wants some difficult transcription made. She is a very obe- dient pupil and goes at her many lessons with a smile. We cannot think of her as pounding her days away on the keys of a type- writer, but rather as keeping a cozy home in Me- Kean county.

Who have we here? Not May Redd the Mili- tant Suffragette. May's one ambition is to have Woman 's Suffrage throughout the United States and to herself represent them in Congress as Senatris Redd, May is a regular man hater and is always going to be a "bachelor girl," and keep a home for eats and have a Jap valet. Ed is a regular glutton when up in the morning and running his father's buzz wagon around all day with a little eating in be- tween.

He is one of those characters who are good because they are not bad and are too lazy to become worse. We always thought "Slim'' was one of these poor specimens of humanity who thought they were too good to associate with women until wo saw him come up to hid "her" goodbye before he left school. So sin ee the time has come when we must part ami pumie a course of our own, we feci sure he will be able to rescue his own soul. We say he is tough ; well, that 's true, for he laughs in the evening at the bumps he has passed through.

Though he is gritty and tough he is not to say rough, for he thinks of the mush that is in all of us. He is a good natured fellow when left alone, but is eas- ily irritated, and is an awful prevaricator. Some who know him well, claim that lie tells the truth once in a.

Here he obtained his early education and his love for poetry. The only thing "Dick" did in Armagh that deserves mention was to chop a tree down. This may not seem like a very big stunt, but the tree happened to fall on the house where Wm, Caldwell resided. Four years ago the Tomb family moved to Indiana and Dick started to I. Everybody knows him and appreciate''? Buchholz, ami that is some recommendation.

Miss Whitehead came down from DuBois with her superior smile in the winter term and has favored us with it unremittingly ever since. She came here to get an education and don't care anything for society, except tea parties, viz. Ruth McGee Ruth J. Beale Ada Bell Edna B. Bricker Florence Burlingame Mabel C. Craft Hazel Crosby Mary A. Murphy Phyllis Murphy Mabel M. Murray Ora May Williams Martha 3. Young Sara Young Jessie M.

Yuill Maude Zehner Ada L. Adams Rolland Alexander Walter L. Henry- Ben jam in Hill Xorman A. Wat kins Bertha Weak! Wilson Reyburn Keeler T. Kier Howard Kring C, H. Laudenslager Rlair Learn Piaul M. Clyde Titterington Mac Trimble W. Swan Harold Swift Frances Tti. In the fall of nineteen hundred nine our little eraft started its voyage. The weather was bright and clear, the greatest difficulty we had at first being that of finding our bearings. We were continually lost in the winding and turns of the wilderness of Recitation Hall.

While finding our bearings, we became fairly well acquainted with each other and were able to sail swiftly and peacefully along. Once in a while we were slightly jolted when the great waves of Algebra and Latin bumped into out craft, but with that determination which characterizes our class, we put our shoulders to the wheel and calmly rode over the menacing waves.

Once in a while we h rough t our boats to rest and within the cheerful glades of the girls' dormitory, disembarked. There, recreating ourselves with health- ful pleasures, we spent many happy hours. What could it mean? Ah, a ship, and printed upon it in large letters the words, "State Board Exams.

No, for, tightening our rigging and taking a deep, long breath, we swept down to meet it. The combat was finished by the end of June, , and a joyful shout went up when we learned we were victorious.

Right royally were our colors Hying as we bade each other farewell and separated to our different homes. Once again, in the fall of , with minds invigorated by the long rest, we met to continue our journey. We proved a mighty force in pushing our boat onward. The stream had, during this part of the. But with our beautiful blaek and red flag briskly floating in the breeze the tide bore us on. We at this point came in contact with the Seniors traveling landward for a.

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